Lap Band to Sleeve still a failure

Q K.
on 5/31/17 11:45 am - Congers, ny

I had my lap band removed and was sleeved two and a half years ago. I have recently gained all of the thirty pounds that i lost back. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do. Is a third surgery even an option? I am so unhappy and can't get back on track for anything.

on 5/31/17 1:01 pm - Canada

I had my lap band removed May 16, 2017. I was revised to RNY. My surgeon was not open to doing the sleeve on me as he said I would have more success with RNY. I really wanted the sleeve at first but I am happy with RNY so far. I've lost 20lbs this month.

I assume everyone's suggestion would be to go back to basics and log everything you're eating and exercise. I really have no idea what the chances are for a 3rd surgery, but if you have a "working" tool it doesn't seem worth it to go under the knife for a 3rd time.

Start over, it's never too late. You can do this!

on 5/31/17 8:18 pm

I had my LapBand removed in 2013 (I had great success with it but it slipped so I had to have it removed) and sleeve done in 2015. I only lost approx. 24 -30 lbs and gained it all back. While others who had the same surgery was saying they could only eat a certain amount, I never had any type of restriction. I followed protocol and follow-ups at the doctor's and the nurse practitioner even prescribed me Adipex for about 3 months to suppress the appetite but of course the Adipex wasn't effective after a while. Now, I've gained all back and then some.

I hadn't been back to the doctors since the end of 2015 but finally said enough is enough. I called and advised them of my issue and setting an appt to talk to the doctor about a possible revision if necessary. I specifically asked that I have my appt with the doctor and NOT the nurse practitioner. My appt is Friday 6/2 so I guess I will see how it goes.

Q K.
on 6/1/17 8:53 am - Congers, ny

Please let me know how it goes. I also have no real restriction from the beginning. I was always able to drink larger quantities right from the beginning. It is so frustrating. How much weight do you have to lose? What is your BMI? I am wondering if we are close to weight and having same problem.

on 6/1/17 9:13 am

Same here- always able to drink/eat larger quantities. I was at 225 and 5'2 after the sleeve surgery (BMI WAS 41). Now, I'm at 248 with BMI 45..

I've tried the pouch test, reset test, and anything else I read that could possibly help me use this tool. Nothing worked. I just want to have restriction and I can work the rest. I was very successful with the band by following protocol and it's frustrating that this surgery hasn't worked for me although I've really tried my best.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my appt with the doctor. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I'm interested to hear how this will go.

Pat R.
on 6/13/17 6:25 pm - Burrillville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

I had a band and revised to RNY. The restriction I experienced with the band before it slipped is completely different than what I feel now. This is why accurate measuring/weighing of foods is so important. You eat only the measured amount, not eating until you feel full.

Amy R.
on 6/1/17 12:42 am
RNY on 12/09/08 with

I have no idea about a third surgery other than that I wouldn't even consider it for 30 pounds. I have had re-gains of 40 pounds and 50+ pounds and am now at my lowest post surgery weight ever. (I am 8+ years out) I can tell you what I did but it is a long post and I don't want to spam the board. If you want to see it let me know.

There is a forum here called Back on Track Together. I have no idea how much traffic there is but you might want to check it out. Back on Track Together.

Good luck to you. It can be done. =)

Q K.
on 6/1/17 8:46 am - Congers, ny

I still have 80 pounds to lose. I have tried to reset this diet for over a year now. I am so unhappy and zm at my wits end with this being heavy.

I am going to look at that forum hopefully it ill help.

Amy R.
on 6/1/17 9:04 pm
RNY on 12/09/08 with

I apologize. I had read from your original post that you only had 30 pounds to lose. 80 is definitely enough to consider all kinds of options.

Good luck and hopefully you'll get some feedback in the other forum.

on 6/3/17 2:49 am - Portland, OR
Revision on 01/16/12

Vertical band, lap band, gastric band, adjustable band, sleeve... they are all the same thing. They just keep renaming and rebranding it to keep selling it. The failure rate is still 98% and its never going to change. Success requires a plumbing change, not plastic restriction that you can easily eat around. This is experience talking. Do the research and get the the right surgery the 1st time.