I need advice on how to get revision.. (From MN)

on 8/21/17 11:43 pm

Hello all!!! Anyone here from Minnesota can give me advice on the steps for revision and recommend any doctors in the twin cities area and to see if I can get approved again for a revision.

Next year i will be 10 years out. I was 336 pounds and 5'2". A year after my surgery I went down to 180 and stayed that way for a few years then I have had 4 kids and now I'm back to 240. I for sure feel that my pouch or stomach has probably stretched and it's way harder to lose weight now. My sleep apnea has returned as well. Any advice for me would much be appreciated. I would like to start this process as soon as I can so any info would be great! Thanks.

on 8/22/17 1:05 pm - Alexandria, VA

I had a revision on the 9th. It has been fairly painless, and effective so far.

I went back to my original doctor from 13 years ago. It was pretty simple and straight forward.


RNY 11/2004 (lost 110 pounds, gained back to 284), revision 8/2017 (down 26 pounds)

on 8/24/17 12:34 am

Thanks for the reply.. so you went back to your regular doctor or your bariatric surgeon? And what were steps you had to go through again? How long was approval for you?

on 8/24/17 5:56 am - Alexandria, VA

Yes, I went back to my original doctor. Approval took a couple of weeks. Then I did a barium X-ray, pre-op blood tests, EKG and followed the pre-op diet. The whole thing took about two months.


RNY 11/2004 (lost 110 pounds, gained back to 284), revision 8/2017 (down 26 pounds)

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