Anyone who has had an RNY reversal

on 8/22/17 6:29 am


I'd like to speak to people who have had reversals. I'd like to know what led to the reversal and how you are doing afterward. Please feel free to comment your story or send me a private message if you would prefer to keep it private. Thanks!

on 9/15/17 1:32 pm - windsor mill, md

Hi there,

in response to your question, weight regain and acid reflux is what led me back to the surgeon. He then laid out what options I had based on my surgery. After doing the endoscopy he wasn't too sure about what the prior doctor had done. When he went in it was suppose to be to convert to a duedenal switch he said it was never done correctly so he corrected the bypas so I still have the original type of surgery. A lot easier and less stress on my body. I'm 2 days out and I feel good.