Got my Dr appointment all set

on 8/22/17 6:06 pm
VSG on 06/01/14

I will see my surgeon next week to discuss the revision at length, and any other options. I know there really are none, because I continue to suffer GERD and only revision will eliminate it.

I'm nervous, scared, excited, giddy, a bit dizzy and elated. I know, I've been through this and you think i'd be a little calmer, but i'm really excited. I feel like maybe I will have a second chance to get it right.

One thing that I really love about my new surgeon is the fact that the psych is ongoing. at my old practice I saw the psych for one full visit pre-op and that was IT. in this practice, it's a monthly situation forever.

I love that, as I feel like there were many issues in my life that I could have dealt with much better post op with the help of a professional.

Also support group meetings are twice a month which I have made a commitment to myself to attend.

I'll update when I know more.

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