Don't know what to do at this point

on 8/26/17 8:36 am
VSG on 08/11/16

I am not sure what my options are at this point, but here is where I am at right now.

I had my VSG surgery on 8/11/16 and lost an initial 65 pounds in the first 4 months. After that....nothing, not a pound lost. I tried everything from adding/subtracting foods and calories, to different types of exercise but nothing helped. I gained and lost the same 10 pounds for the next 5 months.

During this time (since 2 months post-op), I have suffered from SEVERE heartburn and esophageal spasms. The spasms make it almost impossible for me to eat most meats (firm protein), so I have to get creative to meet my protein goals. I am on Diltiazem for the spasms and that seems to help. I am on 4 different anti-acid medications (Nexium, Zantac, Carafate, and Tums) and have tried several others, but I still wake up with acid in my throat and mouth. I was in the hospital for 3 days 2 months ago because I breathed in some of the acid and ended up with aspiration pneumonia (very scary).

I just had an upper GI (my third) to hopefully prove my GERD so I would qualify for revision surgery (to bypass), but guess what....NO GERD SHOWN! What?!? How could that be when I deal with it everyday? So now I am not eligible for revision, I still have the horrible acid issue, and I guess I will be on meds for the spasms forever.

On top of all this, I have not lost even CLOSE to what I should have. In fact, I have gained back 10 pounds!

I don't know what to do at this point. My surgeon has basically written me off (pushed me off onto my primary dr), and my primary and GI drs say I should be under the care of my surgeon, so no one is helping me at this point.

This is not what I signed up for....(SOB)!

on 8/26/17 9:05 am
VSG on 06/01/14

Request Manometry testing. it measures the actual number of spasms in the stomach and esophagus, may be able to better detect for you.

on 8/26/17 10:31 am
VSG on 08/11/16

I had the esophageal monometry done last month (horrible test). It showed some scarring from the acid, and it did shoe the spasms but nothing about the GERD.

I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I have tried everything they have suggested (and I mean everything), but it just doesn't help.

At this point, I wish I could go back and just not get the VSG in the first place.

on 8/27/17 8:38 am - Alexandria, VA
RNY on 11/10/04 with

You need a new WL doctor. You should qualify based on Acid Reflux alone.


RNY 11/2004 (lost 110 pounds, gained back to 284), revision 8/2017 (down 26 pounds)

on 8/29/17 10:18 am
VSG on 05/12/14

She won't qualify on the "Acid Reflux" alone if none of the tests she's had (3 scopes, and Manometry) don't qualitatively show reflux.

on 8/29/17 1:42 pm - Alexandria, VA
RNY on 11/10/04 with

It worked for me combined with my weight.


RNY 11/2004 (lost 110 pounds, gained back to 284), revision 8/2017 (down 26 pounds)

on 8/29/17 2:47 pm
VSG on 05/12/14

That's not what your post said. Your post said something to the effect that she should get approved on her acid reflux alone. All I said was that without an actual dx of reflux or GERD (which she does not be objectively diagnosed with) she will not be approved on reflux alone. Will she be approved with weight plus no actual dx of reflux or GERD??? Who knows, I guess that's up to her insurance company.

on 8/29/17 3:01 pm - Alexandria, VA
RNY on 11/10/04 with

Fine, if you insist on arguing. But, maybe notice we are on a weight loss website, so that was a given.


RNY 11/2004 (lost 110 pounds, gained back to 284), revision 8/2017 (down 26 pounds)

on 8/29/17 3:14 pm
VSG on 05/12/14

I guess I am in a mood to argue, thanks. I don't understand the point of your post. What does being on a weight loss website have to do with your comment that she didn't need to rely on weight to get approved for a revision. I was approved for a revision based on a dx of GERD alone. I didn't need weight to qualify, since I was at goal when I needed to revise. My revision was not coded as bariatric surgery.

If her insurance is like mine, she may not qualify for a revision without a dx of GERD (in other words, simply for additional weight loss) because many policies have a 1 WLS per lifetime rule.

None of this changes that fact that your first post said she'd qualify with acid reflux alone. I was merely pointing out that she's been unable to get a dx of reflux or GERD, and that's why she hasn't been approved.

Now I'm done arguing.

H.A.L.A B.
on 8/27/17 7:06 pm

Excessive acid - GERD is caused by histamine. Your GERD or acid reflux can be caused by food allergies- intolerances. Or even other type of allergies- like dust and pollen.

You also can have fructose intolerance mal-absorbtion - google that.

I have food allergies and if I eat anything with that I can get severe burn for 2-4 days.

I don't have gluten allergies but almost any grains give me a horrible GERD.

Tums - that have dextrose or other sugar - so they can cause more issues than help. Taking a pinch of powdered calcium carbonate helps me better than any tums. The day after I eat something my body have issue with - my GERD is the worse. Then my esophagus gets irritated and it feels like I have GERD for a few more days.

Some medication - specially ones that contain trace amount of SLS can cause severe inflammation and burning of my pouch and esophagus. When getting meds - I always have to make sure they don't contain that. (I have to read the very very small print - manufactures notes).

I had RnY and I am or RX type acid meds that only help a little. But better a little than none. But it is very expensive and the insurance don't want to pay for it. Every time I have new script -my doc needs to call the insurance to convince them I really need it.

Fyi- a lot of foods have corn syrup added - even cold cuts or meet products- that really aggravate my condition (corn syrup has fructose). Reading labels on EVERYTHING is a must for me. Eating out almost always causes "GERD" for a few days after for me.

Digestive enzymes help some. Not always, but often enough to consider that.

Also there is a condition where people can't break histamine. So they have to much histamine in their system all the time. Google that.

Maybe try to see an allergy doc. ??

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