12 day post op check up

on 9/5/17 11:25 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

Saw surgeon this morning. Told him my issues in my head and he suggested I go to my primary care physician. He feels my anxiety meds need tweeking. So I have an appointment on Thursday. I asked very direct questions about what he saw happening if I hadn't had surgery. He hesitated then said I would have been miserable with no quality of life at 65. He didn't think I would have made it that long. With the acid reflux, ulcer, and weight gain and knees not working. I am down 20 pounds since liquid diet and he said I could move on to soft foods. He did say we may have some bumps along the way but we would take care as we come to them. I asked what kind and he said possible bowel obstruction. I so don't feel I can handle anything more. How often does this happen?