Revision 7 years after sleeve; can anyone relate

on 9/12/17 2:29 pm

I've gained all weight back after initial success with a VSG. I'm heartbroken and want to fix this so I'm asking for feedback re: your experiences with revisions. Many thanks!

Katie S.
on 9/12/17 6:24 pm
VSG on 02/23/11 with

Yes I can relate! I am bigger now than before I had my sleeve 6 years ago. Just now starting to look into a revision. Good luck to you

HW: 230  SW: 212  CW: 145  LW: 138

on 9/12/17 7:14 pm - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

I totally understand the feeling. I just had revision after 5 years. I had a lot of regain and complications to deal with. I'm almost 3 weeks post op. Honestly the physical part is easier this time around.

on 9/13/17 7:37 am

What kind of revision did you have?

on 9/13/17 9:15 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

I had the rny gastric bypass on Aug 24th. Talk about a game changer! the post op head stuff and mental beating is way worse this time around.

on 9/12/17 10:33 pm
VSG on 10/24/17

I had my band put in 14 years ago. Went from 276 to 167. Now at 215 with health issues starting to pop up. My DH just had VGS in April and has lost 100lbs. He is motivating me to go forward. Insurance has approved and I Jahave a date but I'm terrified that I will end up back where I'm at in a few years.

on 9/13/17 7:40 am

I think it's actually good that you're concerned about regain. I was so, so overconfident. I really believed that it would be impossible to over-eat with such a tiny sleeve. If I had it to do over I would've headed directly back to my surgeon after gaining the first 10 lbs, would've joined WW, would've seen the dietician in my surgeon's practice. But the more I gained the more embarrassed I became. I'm headed back to see her trying not to be TOO hard on myself, but really humbled. I'm going to ask her what my options are...

on 10/19/17 12:10 pm
VSG on 11/16/15

Have u had revision yet? I am scheduled 11/1 VSG to rny

on 9/13/17 4:59 am
VSG on 11/16/15

Ugh! I thought I would b one of the successsful ones-I'm not! I had VSG 11/16/15 SW 234 got down to 174 - leveled out at 180 then started slowly gaining in December of 2016. I'm now at 210. Disgusted! I admit that I don't eat like I should. I am a sugar addict-junk food junky. I can't eat a lot at one sitting but I do "eat around" my sleeve. I can eat a lot of chips or popcorn and similar items atone sitting. I can also eat a lot of yogurt w granola stone sitting. Bad choices. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating. I had my surgery in a different state & had no follow up. I started seeing a surgeon here about 6 months ago. I have terrible GERD-vomit and choke in the middle of the night 3-4 times a week.she thinks I should have had the bypass originally bc of GERD & also bc I'm a sugar addict (bypass can cause dumping) trying to get approved thru my insurance now. I have had to do all of the testing and other requirements again. I have finished everything- just waiting for them to submit. Fingers crossed! Do u make bad food choices too? Why do u think u have gained?

on 9/13/17 7:34 am

It sounds like you're going to revise to a RNY, is that correct? I eat around my sleeve, too. I went into it absolutely positive I would not regain! But, like you, once the initial big loss was accomplished I started thinking "oh a little ice cream won't make a difference..." ETC! Then I had a s***storm of life events and comforted myself with food. I feel I have more insight into why I overate now and can therefore stay stronger this time. I just hope I get some kind of revision approved! Thanks for your thoughtful response.

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