Sleeve to Bypass Revison...HELP

on 10/27/17 6:21 am

Hello! I'm new to this group and was hoping to get some help and any thoughts or advice on my situation. I had My sleeve done on 3/9/16 and went from 231lbs to 169lbs. I did great and recently started having horrible heartburn along with some atomach pains. After going back to my surgeon I did a barium swallow which showed my sleeve was fine but I developed a small pouch on the top right but he assured me that wasn't where the pain was coming from. I ended up having a CT scan and endoscopy which found I have an ulcer, hiatal hernia and bile reflux? because of the bile reflux my surgeon is suggesting I get the bypass revison to keep the bile from leaking into my stomach. My questions/concerns are..

1.Has anyone experienced this or had the sleeve to bypass revison?

2. I do it...I'm worried about how much more weight I'll lose. I'm comfortable with where I'm at but I could definitely stand to lose a few more lbs

3. And even a year and a half post gastric sleeve my hair is still falling out (less than in the beginning) but still it bothers me to see my hair still thinning, will the revison make my hair fall out all over again?

4. Anyone have any tips on hair loss? It seems to come out more when I condition my hair?

i know so many questions but I'm so lost and could really use some insight.

on 10/27/17 1:02 pm
VSG on 05/12/14

I revised from VSG to RNY because of severe reflux. My surgeon told me I was not likely to lose a significant amount of weight and he was right. I was about 15 lbs from goal and I've lost that much and it took me about a year to lose it. In other words, you should lose some, but you are unlikely to lose at the same rate you lost with your original surgery.

I had hair loss with my second surgery, but it was not as significant. Google telogen effluvium and for a more complete explanation of post surgery hair loss. Not much you can do about it except let it run its course.

on 10/27/17 5:56 pm

Thank you, this was very helpful

on 10/30/17 11:37 am
Revision on 03/21/17

I had a sleeve in June 2013 and developed complications in late 2015. It started with reflux but worsened.

I had a revision to a bypass in March of this year and then went through more complications. My reflux wasn't resolved. I now take both Protonix and Pepcid and that helps.

I weighed 125 pounds the day of my revision and ended up at 95 pounds at the worst. I've gained a few pounds back.

Everyone's experience is different. I'm still losing a lot of hair after the revision. I've lost a whole lot more with the revision than I ever did with my sleeve. However, keep in mind that everyone is different.

on 10/31/17 7:00 am
Revision on 07/05/16

The repair of the Hiatal hernia should stop your reflux. My RNY didn't cure my reflux, which I've had most of my life. Also with RNY, you will be at a higher risk for ulcers and have to take more vits/supplementation for the rest of your life. If your doctor isn't willing to repair the hernia only, you should find another doctor.

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on 11/1/17 5:05 pm
VSG on 05/12/14

Fixing the hiatal hernia may not stop the reflux. The VSG creates a closed, high pressure system which creates the perfect storm if you generate excess acid. Because the sleeve is closed at the bottom (pyloric valve in tact) the excess acid has nowhere to go but up. When I revised from VSG to RNY I DID NOT have a hiatal hernia that needed to be repaired. In fact, I had it repaired prior to being sleeved. Didn't stop the acid. While my revision did not "cure" my acid problem, it did make it 90% better and I can control it with Zantac. I don't know that I would roll the dice and just go in for a hernia repair that may not provide relief. Just my .02.