on 10/30/17 10:30 am - Lexington, KY

so I had an upper GI today. The dr that did it told me she didn't see anything abnormal, everything looked fine, but she would review it closer this week. Which I guess is a good thing but I'm just frustrated that it didn't answer why I have been having pain/spasms since my band was unfilled. I have had my band since Nov 2010. It worked well for a while but for the past 3 years or so I've had nothing but trouble. Before I had my band unfilled I was having multiple episodes of getting stuck...even on very soft foods. I'd usually take a couple of bites, have to go take care of things, then I could eat a bit normal. I really just want it out. I've regained all the weight I lost (which was about 40 lbs, so I never lost a huge amount to begin with). I guess I will have to start the process all over again to be considered for revision....has anyone else had a similar experience? What did you do? If you had a revision did you have to fight with insurance or was it a pretty smooth process?

on 10/31/17 2:39 pm


I had similar issues but it was due to a hiatal hernia, but you said she said it all looked normal right? The other issue I had was the my original band was an AP small and due to scar tissue build up it caused tightness so they went and replaced it with a large, that was over 5 years ago and so far it has worked for me.

I am assuming you went back to soft foods for a week or so to give your band a "rest"? My band can be crazy sometimes it seems more tight when I am stressed, or cold. Sipping tea helps me but it sounds like you are past that. Sorry I hope you get some relief soon.

Start weight: 320
At surgery:  300
Current:      185
Goal:           175

on 11/1/17 3:09 pm - Lexington, KY

Im no sure what size band was put in, I think the most fluid I ever had in it. was around 7cc. I think it would hold up to 10. But they took every bit of fluid out which scares me. I'm back to solid foods now thankfully and so far everything is going down well...a little too well actually. I'm trying to be more mindful of what I'm eating and how much. I'm still considering revision to the sleeve, but I'm waiting to hear back from the surgeons office for them to review the images. I had a hiatal hernia repaired when I had the lap band surgery. I have noticed since they took the fluid out of my band I burp ALOT more than I did before. But they didn't see another hernia or anything. I still have a little bit of pain after I eat, but nothing like before. I still think there's some sort of issue.