Lap Band to Sleeve or Bypass after 14 years of Band

on 11/2/17 9:43 am

I had the Band placed December of 2013. About four months ago zero restriction. Went in and got fill Monday. Nothing. I go back November 30 to talk about removal and Bypass or Sleeve. I'm freaking out. I lost 80 pounds total and I've gained 16 back.

on 11/3/17 9:59 pm
FobiPouch on 12/14/17

This happened to me and it was because the port broke and the fill fluid leaked out.

But it can be band erosion too - the band sort of eats into the stomach, so it doesn't pinch it off any more - food goes around it!

Your surgeon should be able to do tests to work out which - can they get fluid OUT of you band? The right amount? If so, then the port isn't leaking...

on 11/4/17 10:39 am

I meant banded in 2003. yes got fluid out but not amount that he showed was supposed to be in there.

on 11/25/17 6:49 pm

I had to have my port removed and replace for leakage as well. Later my band slipped and my surgeon "loosened" it up, six months later he "tightened" it back up and it hasn't worked for me since. 8 years later I am now seriously considering/planning on having the band removed and a mini bypass. Anyone out there have either positive or negative on Dr. Ariel Ortiz of OCC? or Dr. Liza Pompa or Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez. Sorry but these are who I've narrowed it down to. Thank you!!!

on 11/14/17 8:41 am
VSG on 04/18/17

I had my band for over 15 yrs and just had a revision to "Sleeve" in April of this year. I had restriction taken away with the band almost 2 yrs ago. I've gained 55 or more lbs from the 130 lbs I lost with the band.

I had a revision in April and I've lost 42 lbs so far. I did think I'd lose it faster but my dr told me that I won't lose as fast as those having the Sleeve as their first bariatric surgery.

I believe it's different for everyone....every "body" is different. I used to swear by the band but I have to admit I don't hear such long lasting results. I was pretty stable for over 10 yrs though.....

Please keep me updated on what you end up doing....good luck!



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