Vsg revision to ds???? Vsg regain

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VSG on 10/26/13
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VSG on 10/26/13

I am exactly 4 years post surgery. I lost just sort of 100 pounds and it stayed off relatively easy the second year. Your three and four I have gained back every single pound. I cannot seem to even manage to lose 5 pounds. I will really try hard to lose 5 pounds and I will gain seven more. I've never had any complications I've never had any pain I've never had any side effects. Waiting for the first of the year to do my EGD since it's 1000 bucks and basically will meet my deductible for the calendar year. So until then I really don't know the state of my sleeve. Considering revising to a DS worried about the bowel movements the gas the complications the leaks and obviously their stories of Regan after that as well. I really think I have followed all the rules it just doesn't make sense to me.... thoughts? Experiences?

Since my stomach is already been shrunken considered the first stage, I'm wondering how quickly I will I lose 100 pounds the second time around. Although I'm guessing I need a revision of that my sleeve is not right. The only thing that really breaks my heart as I lost so much hair with my sleeve and it is just now starting to recuperate I lost Hair from six months to 2 1/2 years

I also could put a band on it or I could do just bypass, but from what I can tell bypass and do you switch are pretty much the same thing other than the length of the common channel so it seems like a switch would be the better option. I just wonder if I would bandit and lose 100 pounds and be successful with that or not I don't know it's just really confusing, and I feel very defeated

Gwen M.
on 11/3/17 5:31 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

What, exactly, are you eating each day?

Are you measuring/logging everything you put into your mouth with something like MyFitnessPal?

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on 12/18/17 7:29 pm - Hutchinson, KS

I had the VSG in 2008 and lost 182 lbs. I regained 110 lbs, and knew I had to do something before I gained back the rest. I talked to a DS surgeon and the first thing he told me, is the regain is not my fault. I cried with relief! I had been self shaming myself, (with help of other people). I had a revision to the DS in April, and it is the BEST decision I ever made! The most important thing is to pick the right surgeon!! I will PM you with more information.

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VSG on 10/26/13

Thank you, I've already met with one and I'm making the right steps to have surgery done. I don't think my insurance will cover it which is the worst end of the stick. But I'm gonna shell out for 25,000 for it somehow. I've never had any complications or pains or anything, I am terrified of the side effects of a DS in terms of bowel movements and gas and or just creating problems where I'm sick when right now I'm healthy. I have no problems other than I'm just overweight. I would like to know that four five years out in 10 years out I won't be having regain at least not more than 10 pounds

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VSG on 10/26/13

The surgeon said I will lose at the same rate as I did with my original surgery. But I also hear some people get too skinny with this. It deafly makes me more nervous I wasn't nervous about the sleeve at all. The only side effect I've ever really had was losing a ton of hair and it's just now starting to recover my hair loss continued for over two years. And I'm scared of failing a second time. I really did fall all of my rules and I was going into my surgeons office when I first game 10 pounds and I was still trying to lose five and all the sudden they kept coming up and up and up and up and up. And I'm scared of failing the second time. I really did fall all of my rules and I was going into my surgeons office when I first gained 10 pounds and I was still trying to lose five and all the sudden they kept coming up and up and up and up and up. At least I was going all the rules the last six months I've just been the hell of it and I'm doing whatever I want, which isn't helpful but I'm actually starting now and feeling hungry. And it's hard to find people who have had a DS to be honest about the side effects. I stopped dating a guy who had bypass because his gas is so bad and it was uncontrollable. The side effects just make me really nervous. But I would love to talk with you more. Thanks for reaching out

Laura in Texas
on 12/19/17 9:10 am

What revision is the surgeon going to do? DS?

Honestly in all my year here, I have only heard of a handful of people who got "too thin" and usually they had complications that led to the excessive loss. 99% of us do not have that problem so focus on following your plan and reaching your goal weight.

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VSG on 10/26/13

Right, yes I'm going from a slave to a DS. It looks like you had bypass though. My understanding is a ds lot more involved than a bypass with different complications and side effects

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VSG on 10/26/13

So I actually did my EGD in January only to find out I don't really have a sleeve. The surgeon did not do what he was paid to do. He's also indicted and unable to practice anymore for a lot of things. I did try to go through insurancebecause they do offer coverage but they denied me because I had a previous surgery and they said I only read gain weight because I wasn't compliant. And I don't have a complication. My surgeon try to argue that him not doing a sleeve correctly there's a complication but they did not accept it. I kind of just wish I'd had surgery in January but I really thought was a good chance insurance would cover it. Least I know the reason for the regain was that I don't really have a sleeve. He didn't remove the antrum or the fundus like my stomach is just huge.I am scheduled for surgery May 9 to DS.