Can you go from a RNY to a band?

on 11/4/17 11:20 am

I had a RNY 20 years ago and have since gained it all back. ALL my labs are as normal as someone who's never had the surgery so I suppose the malabsorption doesn't work anymore.... no one told us that back then. Has anyone heard of someone getting a band after a RNY? or what would you suggest? Other than diet changes... trust me I know all about those. Thanks in advance.

on 11/5/17 2:59 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

While you can, I can't think of surgeon that would do it. The band is known to cause problems; slippage, eroding into the stomach.

I believe that singer front Wilson Phillips did band after RNY, I don't thibk it helped her much. Have you have your anatomy checked to make sure everything is how it should be?

You say you know about diet changes-- are you employing them day to day?

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on 11/5/17 11:31 am

No I haven't had it checked yet. Yes, I have cut wayyy back on carbs and esting more protein. I ordered some protein powder for shakes and some snack bars from Shaklee. Should be getting on those this week. I also ordered a metabolic boost from them that is suppose to work well.

on 11/6/17 8:46 pm

Don't do it!

If you are going to do a surgery, get a revision to a DS. Now this is not the case for all people but in Canada and the UK longer term studies are finding nearly a 100% failure rate of patients. The stress on the medical system (we are publicly funded) is extremely high and there are news stations that are covering this. To have the band in Canada you have to pay out of pocket and always have but our system is stuck with footing the ER visits, hospitalizations and eventual band removals.

I finally finished my 8 year struggle of trying to get my band out through the system. I have vowed to do what I can to protect people from going through what I had to go through.

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