Candy Cane Roux Limb - cross post

on 11/10/17 4:37 pm - Canada
RNY on 07/10/12

Has anyone had a scope or CT scan reveal a candy cane roux limb? Was there any "fix" other than surgery offered? I've read posts on OH but not much recently. I've posted on a Canadian forum and the RNY forum with no reply. I had my surgery over five years ago. I have a CT scan at the end of November but anxious that they may suggest another surgery since my original surgery didn't go smoothly.

thanks in advance for any replies!


on 11/16/17 6:58 pm - CT

Hello there! I just had revision on 11/13 and my dr told me that i had the candy cane syndrome. He cut it off as a part of my revision . I also had horrible tissue scarring in my pouch .. so not sure if i am answering your questions but it does exist and my dr removed it.

on 11/17/17 7:25 am - Canada
RNY on 07/10/12

How has the recovery been? Did you have to go through the various eating phases again? Was your stoma stretched? I had a lot of issues with infection post op the first time around and am afraid to have surgery but the 20 or more runs a day for temporary relief barely cuts it. Regular meds for heart burn aren't working. Is it Day surgery or were you in hospital for a couple of days?


on 11/17/17 8:36 am - CT

Recovery has been ok. Just has pains basically. I don't have an appetite at all and i haven't felt nauseous or anything. Yes, my pouch was stretched and full of scar tissue. My surgery was on Monday 11/13 and i was discharged on Wednesday 11/15. I am currently on the liquid phase of my plan. It's been ok this far. I'm not hungry at all.

on 11/17/17 9:25 am - Canada
RNY on 07/10/12

Thanks for the info. I wish you a speedy recovery!


on 11/18/17 11:28 am - CT

Thank you!! I wish you all the best as well!

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