RevIsion on 11/20- shortening of common channel

on 11/26/17 7:16 pm

HI all,

Had my initial surgery (open RNY bypass) 15 years ago and just had a revision on 11/20/17.

My revision didn't touch my pouch, which still appears to be in good working order, but took another 40% off my common channel, since my gastric emptying study showed that food was just sitting in this area and activating hormones telling my body it was starving. (Weird, I know, but my doctor has done several peer reviewed papers on the subject)

Anyway, has anyone else had this type of surgery? I'd love some idea of how much I can expect to lose. Both surgeries preformed by Dr. Joseph Caruana in Buffalo, NY.

Thanks in advance!


on 11/28/17 11:31 am - Canada
RNY on 07/10/12

While I haven't had a revision, I meet with the surgeon Friday to discuss one. How has your recovery been going?


on 11/28/17 3:40 pm

Recovery has been a breeze! I was out of the hospital after 2 days, and very little pain. I had a follow up today (8 days), and he said the incisions look great. :)

My only complaint is the bloating!! I seem to be retaining water everywhere except my ankles (so bony! lol). I'm wearing jeans that were too big for me before surgery because nothing else fits yet. The doctor says there's "changes happening" and to be patient. :) I'm 15 lbs down from my pre- 10 day liver reduction diet weight right now.

on 11/30/17 10:46 pm

Do you basically have the pouch of a RNY bypass but the common channel of a DS ?

on 11/30/17 10:53 pm

Honestly, I'm not quite sure. He said he bypassed an additional 40% off of the common channel. I was getting reflux into the old stomach, but they think that is okay, since it was probably helping me absorb more vitamins and trace minerals.

on 12/11/17 4:38 pm - Canada
RNY on 07/10/12

Yesterday I was released after two days in hospital. They didn't touch my pouch or stoma but removed about 20 cm of small intestine from the Roux limb (removal of candy candy/resection of the small intestine) and closed up the Peterson's defect which they now do in a standard RNY. Recovery at home has been going pretty good. It's back to basics eating again - full fluids for 2 weeks, then puréed for 2 weeks. Soft food for 4 weeks then onto a normal diet. I'm not sure what weight loss will be like down the road but so far since surgery I'm down 5 lbs. Most importantly, so far the acid reflux hasn't returned! I'm so relieved.

Hopefully your recovery is still going well!


on 3/30/18 12:26 pm


How are you doing now?

I am so glad I found you - I am having similar surgery to you in 3 weeks time.

I had my bypass in 2011 and at the time had 150cm bypassed, as well as my stomach made into a pouch. Now I am having a revision where I will have more bypassed (approx 150) and that will leave me with a common channel of 300cm. My pouch won't be touched either.

I think we're similar although 40% seems a bit more than me.

how is it all going for you?