39 pounds to GOAL!

nicole u
on 1/6/18 7:06 pm - holbrook, NY
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While this has been a Long Bumpy Ride, I am blessed I had the opportunities I've had. The lap band was no good from the beginning and to be 100% honest I don't think my pouch was ever made to the correct size. I didn't drop weight in the beginning. It wasn't until 2 years later when I made real life changes that I did it. I went from 298 to 227 with the band. The day of RNY surgery I was 228 I believe. That was dec 1, 2008. It wasn't until spring 2010 that I got to 143 pounds. I maintained a bit loving how I looked and felt! Then I ballooned up again to the 220's. I just recently made a change in October and I am proudly back down to 182. I am glad this tool will always be here. I am grateful and determined to be healthy again.

I wonder if I can get these 39 pounds off by June 1. It's my personal challenge! If anyone needs someone to vent to....feel free!!! Happy Saturday everyone!

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on 1/10/18 6:20 pm

What a great accomplishment! I am celebrating with you on your success. I know you can do whatever you put your mind to.

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