Molina band revision to gastric bypass- Looking for recommended surgeons in Houston,...

on 1/23/18 4:55 pm - Bonham, TX


My name is Anne. I am 32 years old and had the Molina Band procedure back in December of 2003 in Houston Texas. Now, 15 years later, I am at my highest weight and am looking for recommendations from anyone who has had a Molina band revision to gastric bypass in the Houston, TX area please!

on 4/22/18 9:23 am

I'm following your post. I had the Molina Dacron band in the 1980's and it eroded in the 90's. A specialist in downtown Houston seemed to be familiar with the Molina band and told me I would 'pass' it. I met with a physician a couple of years ago in the Clear Lake area who was also familiar with the band. He told me it would require two surgeries. One to remove the band because it was attached with a clip and heal and a second to do another procedure. I'm 99% positive when Dr Molina did my surgery he didn't use the clip.

on 6/22/18 12:58 pm

I had my Molina bad removed a few days ago. Got lucky and had a great surgeon his name is Khoi H Du he is in Clear Lake. You probably have a mesh and that is harder to remove but my doctor was able to remove it laparoscopy. his office number is 281 3324596. I had my band for 25 years. Good luck

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