Looking for recommended Surgeons for revisions in HOUSTON, TEXAS.

on 1/26/18 6:11 am - Bonham, TX

Hey everyone!

I'm currently looking and researching bariatric surgeons in the Houston, TX area. If anyone has had a revision in Houston, TX, I would love to hear your story, good or bad and who your surgeon was. I currently have a non adjustable band, known as the Molina Band.

Laura in Texas
on 1/28/18 11:40 am

I did not have a revision, but I used Garth Davis for my RNY. He is moving out of state.

If I needed a revision, I would contact Dr. Erik Wilson. He has an excellent reputation.

Laura in Texas

51 years old; 5'7" tall; HW: 339 (BMI=53); CW: 140 (BMI=22)

RNY: 09-17-08 Dr. Garth Davis

brachioplasty: 12-18-09 Dr. Wainwright; lbl/bl: 06-28-11 Dr. LoMonaco

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