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on 6/24/18 7:08 pm, edited 6/24/18 12:09 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 04/10/17
Topic: RE: Hello. I am new. Looking for advice/encouragement for revision VSG to RNY.

I recommend you find out if there is another bariatric surgeon who can revise you from VSG to RNY with your insurance. I am not getting a good vibe about the one you have met with thus far. Even if you have to drive some distance, selecting a highly experienced (and ethical) revision surgeon is paramount.

on 6/22/18 11:49 pm - Hoosick Falls, NY
Topic: RE: Apollo Overstich Procedure / Endoscopic Gastric Suturing

How has your weight loss been since your revision.

on 6/22/18 12:58 pm
Topic: RE: Molina band revision to gastric bypass- Looking for recommended surgeons in Houston, Texas

I had my Molina bad removed a few days ago. Got lucky and had a great surgeon his name is Khoi H Du he is in Clear Lake. You probably have a mesh and that is harder to remove but my doctor was able to remove it laparoscopy. his office number is 281 3324596. I had my band for 25 years. Good luck

on 6/22/18 11:08 am
Topic: RE: Hello. I am new. Looking for advice/encouragement for revision VSG to RNY.

Thank you for your reply. I will not move forward with the Linx. The doc seemed like a sleezy salesman when he talked about it. I am looking for results that work. Not adding to the chance of another complication or another surgery later. I think if he continues to push the Linx, that will be my cue to find another surgeon. Thanks for sharing

on 6/22/18 6:58 am
Topic: RE: Surgery is Scheduled!!!

I chose RNY over VSG due to the risk of GERD. I've seen many revision patients revise from VSG to RNY down the road so I just decided I wanted to avoid that risk. Also, I've read on numerous occasions that the success of going from a restrictive procedure to the restrictive plus malabsorption is higher than restrictive to restrictive. It may not be the best option for everyone but I felt this was best for me.

I didn't consider DS into the equation at all.


on 6/22/18 6:54 am

My surgeon is Dr Pierce at Southdale Fairview in Edina

Good luck to you!!!

on 6/21/18 10:23 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 04/10/17
Topic: RE: Hello. I am new. Looking for advice/encouragement for revision VSG to RNY.

I do not recommend the LINX Reflux Management System.

I had a LINX device inserted in 2015 and MGB surgery in 2017. The first year (2015-2016) my acid reflux improved and I was off PPIs but then it came back. After my MGB surgery (April 2017), acid reflux improved but I developed bile reflux 8 months post-op. Then in May 2018 I received notification that the LINX device I have has been recalled by the FDA, and my April 2018 EGD showed it had also slipped down a little.

My next steps are: 1) revise to RNY to resolve bile reflux; 2) fix a hiatal hernia that was identified in the last two months; and 3) remove the LINX device. I'm hoping to get this surgery scheduled as soon as possible, ideally next month. I have met with 2 different surgeons (in CA and WA) and they both recommend the same procedures.

on 6/21/18 7:50 pm - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
Topic: RE: Hello. I am new. Looking for advice/encouragement for revision VSG to RNY.
On June 20, 2018 at 2:43 AM Pacific Time, Calidreamer wrote:

Hello. I am new here. I had my first visit to a bariatric dr today. I haven't seen a doc since I was discharged in 2012 with my sleeve.(long story short, my surgeon's office did Ins. fraud, I had litigation, resulting in me not able to return) I did all my aftercare, post-op and attempts at weight loss all by myself. I never lost much weight. I did the best I could. I started at 264lbs. Lost 80 lbs with the sleeve in 11 mo, but didn't keep it off. I only held onto that weight loss til around 1 year. post-op. That was around the time that my acid reflux began.

Now, it has gotten so much worse. My pcp took over my care & diagnosed me with GERD in 2013 and a hiatal hernia in 2017. I have been on 5 different meds. I am vomiting in the night and most days I am dehydrated from not eating and drinking properly . I have done a little research and think that maybe a revision to RNY is a good bet. I am 5'3", currently 254lbs. I have gained all but 10 lbs of the original weight before I got sleeved.

This doc I went to see is the ONLY doc in my town that is covered my Aetna HMO insurance that I can see. I was nervous seeing him since he had affiliations with my old surgeon. I had questions I was going to ask about revising to a bypass. But he did most of the talking. I do not know why I froze. He seemed to focus on the GERD. Which is great. That is what I want is to get rid of is acid reflux. But he seemed mostly interested in repairing the hernia and treating the GERD with a new procedure called LINX and getting me off the meds. I am not interested! I do not want that device inside of me. I am afraid of complications from that similar to what many experienced with Gastric Band. He didn't speak much about revision. He said that he noticed I have gained some weight back. He wants me to go to a seminar to get info about my options. Then we will follow that with another consult appt. ( another $50 co-pay) to discuss my options.

I am looking for some advice. I do not want to just go with the flow with this Dr suggesting the latest new thing. I have done some research and found that many who have the revision to rny get rid of their acid reflux and continue to loose weight.

I guess I am wondering if I should continue with what this Dr is suggesting me do, (seminar, another consult, etc.) or should I try to see if he will refer me out to another surgeon for a 2nd opinion?? The nearest surgeon from me is about 180 miles north and is a revision specialist. I just do not know if Insur will allow me to see him. How did the process go with your revision? Do I just demand a revision when you met with your surgeon? Or did you start with a seminar and then discuss options? I am worried maybe this Dr doesn't have my best interest or he doesn't do revisions. IDK!! Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

be careful about the Linz procedure. I was looking into it and my surgeon told me there are NO studies that shoe it works at all for ppl with a sleeve.

i, personally hD a procedure called the Stretta which has helped some.




on 6/21/18 2:23 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery is Scheduled!!!

Thats awesome. Congratulations. Why did you choose RNY as opposed to VSG or DS?

Best of luck.

on 6/21/18 9:18 am
Topic: Help

I had RNY in 2007. I am looking for someone that I can get a consult with about my options for a revision. I am in Mississippi, and I have had no luck thus far. Any advise would be helpful. Thank you

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