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on 1/17/18 4:19 pm - WI
Topic: RE: Who are the best surgeons in Mexico for revision (RNY to DS?)

RNY to DS is a very complicated surgery. There are very few qualified surgeons in the USA that will tackle that one. I have never heard of a surgeon that does that revision in Mexico.

I have heard of shoddy surgeons telling you that they are doing an RNY to DS revision, when in fact they are revising to a distal RNY and charging you for a more complicated DS revision. Distal RNY is not much different that your original RNY. The only difference is they bypass more of the intestines so your malabsorption is more severe. Many people become very vitamin deficient after distal RNY. Yearly labs and vitamin compliance become even more important. DS also requires vigilance with vitamins and labs. Either surgery can be eaten around and you can regain if you are not compliant with food choices.

Are you revising due to mechanical failure of your RNY?

I would do a ton of research and proceed with caution.

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on 1/17/18 11:58 am
Topic: Who are the best surgeons in Mexico for revision (RNY to DS?)

Who are the best surgeons in Mexico for revision (RNY to DS?)

Also, what is the typical recovery time and cost?

on 1/16/18 3:38 pm - WI
Topic: RE: Approved for revision..tests results

It looks like your pouch is fine (a little enlarged which is normal. It is supposed to grow), but you have stretched your stoma. The biggest culprit that causes stretched stoma is drinking with meals. The next would be over filling your pouch, taking bites that are too big, and not chewing well enough. The combination of all of the above will guarantee a stretched stoma. Pushing large pieces of food through the stoma with fluids will ruin a WLS fast.

I am assuming they will be doing an over stitch procedure or the ROSE procedure to correct it? Just know that you have to be super vigilant about not drinking with meals, how much you eat, and chewing after these procedures. They have a high failure rate, usually from non-compliance.

The candy cane limb can cause some real pain. Fixing that will help with painful gas and gastric distress.

Good luck with your revision. Work it! We only have so many chances to get it right before nothing else can be done. You can do this!

HW 270 SW 236 GW 160 CW 145 (15 pounds below goal!)

on 1/16/18 1:23 pm
Lap Band on 07/08/14
Topic: RE: From the Lap band to the Sleeve

Thank you for your reply I hope everything work out for you.

Angela Stoot
on 1/16/18 12:49 pm - Crosby, TX
Topic: RE: From the Lap band to the Sleeve
Ladiegodiva1228 is right as I am possibly facing 3x (2005), sleeve (2014) and possible bypass due to acid reflux, I'm scheduled for a X-ray and upper GI on Monday. My Dr says bypass maybe needed to save my esophagus.

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on 1/16/18 11:39 am
VSG on 05/12/14
Topic: RE: Revision from sleeve to rny

So, I'll go ahead and ask. Why are you thinking of revision? Is if for medical reasons or weight loss? Your question is very broad. I revised from sleeve to RNY to resolve out of control GERD, and I'm fine. Do you have a specific question?

on 1/16/18 6:30 am
Lap Band on 07/08/14
Topic: RE: From the Lap band to the Sleeve

I will look into the bypass thank you !

on 1/16/18 5:32 am
Topic: RE: gastric emptying test and possible revision

I go back on 2/13 with blood work completed and a laundry list of questions about the revision. Good luck at your apt!!!

on 1/16/18 5:08 am
Topic: RE: Contemplating a needed revision

I would like a revision, a 2nd chance too. Depressed ,never got to goal, WLS was six years ago. Did great 3 years going up for 3, now at 210 and gained back 40. Oh help please

on 1/16/18 4:40 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15 with
Topic: RE: From the Lap band to the Sleeve

I would suggest really researching band to sleeve.

There are numerous folks who have had to revise to the bypass due to excessive acid after going from band to sleeve. I myself was not a good candidate for band to sleeve and went with the bypass. I had damage at the top of stomach due to the band and dealt with reflux/heartburn for years until the band was taken out and revised to the bypass. Gone was the reflux.

Beat of luck.

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