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on 4/7/12 6:53 am
Topic: RE: Band over RNY story- Doing Great!!
My approval process just took a couple of weeks...

I was back on my feet in 24 hours... Back to work in a week...

I would reccomend to anyone to give yourself at least a week...
on 4/7/12 6:50 am
Topic: RE: Band over RNY story- Doing Great!!
Once I had the scope put down my throat and they saw my stoma was stretched it was not a problem. 

However if your denied once.. I would just fight them on it... I think they always do that because they think people will just walk away.

Good [email protected]!!
on 4/2/12 4:55 pm
Topic: RE: Band over RNY story- Doing Great!!
Cbartee.... This time next year you will have probably dropped at least 100lbs.  Best advice is just keep going for your band fills as soon as you can!!  Even if they do not schedule them.. As soon as you are allowed.. get the next one done!!

As stated in my previous post.. Just try and remember how tight you were before and let that be your guide as to when your band has had enough.  I did not notice a lot of weight loss till after my 5th fill.  So do not get discourgaged... It may take you 5-7 fills before you really feel like its working.  Good luck!!!!
on 4/2/12 4:51 pm
Topic: RE: Band over RNY story- Doing Great!!
Good job Heather!!  You will get there!  It is a little slower but will happen!! 
on 3/29/12 12:48 pm
Topic: RE: Band over RNY story- Doing Great!!
Long stroy short.. I had a RNY in 1993 and lost 110lbs. By 1998 I had gained 60% of it back and by 2007 I had gained all of it back.

The doctor did test and showed my stoma had stretched and this was the cuase of my weight gain. He suggested band over RNY and told me if I was luck I would lose maybe half of what I gained. So in 2009 I had the band and within a year lost 100lbs. I went from 265 to 165.

I'm glad to report that I have stayed at 160-165 lbs for 1 1/2 years now and it seems to be working. This is a good weight for me as I'm 5'8 tall...So based on my experience I would reccomend the band as a revisional surgery.

I also want to say that even though the RNY failed, I think it helped me understand the restriction I was suppose to feel and this helped me when getting my band filled. It allowed me to judge it better and know how tight I needed to be.

I'm praying this will last long term. As long as I have no complicatoins I will never have it taken out. I did have the fluid taken out one time about 6 months after surgery to have another procedure done (Unrelated to bypass stuff) and I was able to eat A LOT!! So I know that just because I've lost my weight.. I still need the band as my tool for help.

Good luck in your decisions!! God Bless you!!

on 5/9/10 1:14 am
Topic: RE: 1 year anniversary- revision band over RNY update
How long have you had your band?

I can relate to a few things you've said... Like after the band is really tight.... 6-8 weeks later it will loosen up some but I still cant eat a regular meal.. But I could eat 8 -10 oz...  So that is when I know it's time for another band fill.

I think the one big inconvenience to the band is having to always go for band fills. (By the way... the fills DO NOT HURT) 

My weight loss... I can go two weeks and the scales will not move.. then I will lose 1-2 lbs.. and then go a month and not lose anything... then I will drop 5 lbs all at once...  But I do remember my RNY being like that... the weight loss #'s was just better.

As of now...  I'm glad I did the band and would recommend it..  However I'm not sure what the long term results will be..  I'm just crossing my fingers and trying to eat right...

Good luck
on 5/9/10 1:02 am
Topic: RE: 1 year anniversary- revision band over RNY update

My insurance did pay for it.  I had Aetna and they were great when it came to revision surgeries.  Cigna was the worse.

One of the requirements w/ Aetna was pouch dilation and almost anyone that has gained weight back has a stretched pouch...  They did not require me to have any comoribities (spelling?)  the underwriter told me once people lose weight from the first surgery,  the comorbities go away.  I cant remember all of the qualifications but I know I had no health problems... just weight gain and I was approved.

on 5/8/10 4:25 am
Topic: RE: 1 year anniversary- revision band over RNY update
You are welcome to ask as many questions as you would like..

I think he was referring to the results from previous revision surgeries.  However he did tell me there had not been many at that point.  The Dr that told me that was my lap band Dr.  Before I had my band done... I had also gone back to my original RNY surgeon who also said that revision patients does not do as well as someone that was having it done for the first time.

Both Dr.s said that one of the reason is because as a veteran bypass patient..  you have learned how to 'trick the system".  You've learned how to eat things like chips and other unhealthy foods because they digest easier...  However.. in my experience... if your band is tight like it should be, you are still only going to be able to consume a small amount of food regardless of what it is.  I also know for me... quantity and small amounts is the success to my new weight loss.  They recommend that you go on a low carb, high protein diet... However that diet did not do as well for me as the low fat diet.  I lost more weight doing low fat. 

I do take my vitamins daily and extra calcium and vitamin K.. 

As for any other reason for the weight loss not being as much for a revision patient..  one of the answers I got was that's just how it is...  And that some things just could not be explained..

Trust me... I"m no super woman... I would compare this to the RNY as far as the way you will be able to eat..  Sometimes it may just take a few months and fills to get you where you need to be.  I do hope and pray I'm able to keep this off and that I do not get a stretched pouch again.  That is something you still have to be careful with as it's a real concern.  Make you you only put 4-5 oz of food on your plate and get rid of the rest of it. 

Good luck and feel free to email me with any questions.... My regular email is [email protected]

on 5/7/10 2:19 pm
Topic: RE: RNY revision to more extensive RNY. ANY EXPERIENCES?
Hello Jory.. I understand your disappointment and hesitation when choosing a different decision then your surgeon recommends.  I had to do just that.

The surgeon I loved and that did my original RNY in 1993 wanted to do a procedure that sounds just like what your talking about... However he did say a few things that concerned me..

The one that sticks out to me is when he said that once you have a bypass (like what we did)  the liver will lay on the stomach... he said this is one of the dangers when doing a revision because he would have to 'chisel" my liver from my stomach... he said it may pop right up or it could take him a couple of hours to do just this... and there is the chance of leakage, etc.

I ended up going with a different Dr. that specialized in Lap bands.

Please see my post just below yours " 1 year anniversary band over RNY"... good luck..

on 5/7/10 7:04 am
Topic: RE: 1 year anniversary- revision band over RNY update
My RNY was open... and on a scale of 1-10.. my open rny was a 10...  I would give the band about a 4 or 5 on pain level... I think it was more of an uncomfortable feeling rather then pain.

As for the restriction..... the RNY was a more tolerable restriction.   The restriction with the band can actually hurt at times.... Now a lot of people will write back and say it should not hurt and that the band is probably too tight...  However, I think you need this type of restriction for the band to be successful.

I will tell you not to get discouraged with your first 5-6 fills... I really didn't feel a lot of restriction and was not losing much..  Just stick with it.... if you are still able to eat more then 5 oz after two weeks of getting a band fill... go back and get another... you will hit a point where you find a 'sweet" spot.  That is where the band gives you the restriction your looking for and your losing at least 2+ lbs week.  The band is a slower weight loss then the rny was...The rny was a rapid weight loss for me.

Good luck...

on 5/6/10 1:16 pm
Topic: RE: 1 year anniversary- revision band over RNY update
Hello Everyone...

It has been 1 year as of April 30th since I had my Band over RNY revision surgery.. Here is my story and my update.

In 1993 I had a RNY done... I was 280lbs and lost down to 165 lbs.  I managed to keep it off for 13 years.. Slowly I started gaining it back.  260 lbs to be exact.

my pouch had stretched and so did my stoma.  I started looking into revision surgery bu****ing dead ends every which way as there was not many post about revision surgery and most Dr.s had not done a lot of them in my area. 

I researched and found that many people was signing up for the Rose Procedure.  I was approved for the surgery and a week before I was suppose to have it done I found out I was pregnant.  (thank GOD!!)  As the Rose procedure was complete flop and St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond Virginia stopped doing them.

After I had my baby in Nov 08, I scheduled my surgery for April 30th and hand the band over RNY.  My Dr. did not give me a lot of hope as for the success of the weight loss.  He said if I was lucky I would probably drop 30-40 lbs total. 

However,  I'm happy to report that as of my 1 year anniversary date (April 30th)I  have lost **81lbs**
I have 9 lbs to go to hit the goal of 170lbs that I set for myself.  I'm 5'8 and this is a good weight for me.

So..  If you have a band over RNY.... Just make sure you go back for regular band fills when you find that your able to eat more..  You need that restriction to be successful with your band.  Also try and eat the right kind of foods.

Good luck everyone,

on 9/24/09 10:39 am
Topic: RE: Update on my band over RNY
The Dr. I used gave two options... lap band or Realize band... To make a long story short... I just felt there was not enough study in the US on the Realize band..

I was told there was in Europe, etc...   I just felt I wanted to use something that had more long term research done on it..

Good luck

on 9/21/09 2:08 pm
Topic: RE: Update on my band over RNY
Hello Everyone...

It's been about two months since I posted last..   Just a lot going on..
Lost my job.. Chasing my 10 month old.. Sold my house (Yeaaa!) ..Moving, etc.

Just a recap... I had RNY in 1993..  I was 289lbs and lost down to about 165 lbs..
Gained almost all of it back.. 

I had band over RNY April 30th this year.  I was at 258lbs..  I'm currently at 225lbs. 

I do hurt most of the time when I eat.  I feel the band is more painful then the RNY (On a daily basis)  I cant eat anything spicy.  I may have the band too tight but  leaving it alone for now.

Hope everyone is hanging in there!! 

God Bless,

on 6/17/09 1:36 pm
Topic: RE: My Band over RNY update

Please do not feel like that Dr. is the only Dr you can go to.... If your insurance approved him... they will also approve someone else that does other revisions....

To answer your question....  It really is too soon to say rather or not I've made a good decision.  As you can tell from my last post...  I do have some restriction but still have to diet.

Band over RNY is a little different then the original bypass because I can eat junk and larger portions of food.... Whereas w/ the original bypass (RNY)  I could not because I would throw it up.    I dont have that so far w/ the band.  

Just do your research and figure out what "risk" you are willing to take..   I chose the lower risk surgery (band over RNY)

Good luck
on 6/13/09 11:52 am
Topic: RE: Endocrine Society findings re: Fractures and Bariatric Patients
Thanks Barbara for taking the time to share the info..

I agree with everything you said... :-)

on 6/12/09 10:45 pm
Topic: RE: Post-op Update!! YAY!!
Lisa B...

Good to see your post and hear your doing so well...

I've been off the computer for a while... Juts busy w/ life..  I put a post on just now about my updated weight loss with my band... check it out..

I'm really shocked to hear you experience was so well in Mexico.... I would have been afraid to do that but I'm glad you've set the record straight.

What city/state do you live?   I'm in Richmond Virginia.

Take care,
on 6/12/09 10:35 pm
Topic: RE: My Band over RNY update

Hello Everyone,

It has been a few weeks since I posted...   I had my 3rd fill today.

As of yesterday (6 weeks post opp) I've lost 20 lbs.  I've gone from 258lbs to 238lbs.

I do not feel a lot of restriction with the band.  I would guess about 30% after yesterdays fill.

A few days ago I took myself off of the low carb/high protein diet they had me on and started doing low fat.  Making sure I'm also fitting protein in.   This is how I lost my weight the first time (along w/ RNY) and kept it off for 12 years.   Now I know most of you are thinking that 20 lbs is a good amount of weight to lose in 6 weeks but....   Remember a lot of that was due to liquid diets they put you on.  Two weeks after surgery and also after every fill, you go on a liquid diet for 2 days. So 20 days of my 6 weeks was liquid diet.

There is a little restriction so it does help.  I was worried when my Dr. told me yesterday that I was up to 7(cm?) of the 10 that could be put in.  She told me not to worry because I am getting restriction and it's just a matter of finding that spot that makes me feel 65-70% restriction.  She said after that.... My adjustments would just consist of small tune ups of like 1/2- 1 (cm?)

Gotta run for now... Hope all is going well! 


on 5/26/09 1:39 pm
Topic: RE: Home from the hospital- Band over RNY
Hello Everyone..

Lisa... Good luck.... Trust me... it's a breeze compared to what we've been thru in the past!

Well (sigh)  I had lost 11lbs but..... I've gained 4 lbs back.... I had 3 days in a roll where I ate a lot of carbs!  But I'm back on track and just waiting to get my first fill in 2 more days! 

PLEASE PRAY for me that this works... that I get the restriction and lose the weight! 

Many times I put my hands on my computer when I'm on this site and pray for everyone.  Not only for the struggles of weight loss but all the other crap that life throws your way.  I just pray that what ever decisions people make on here (Regardless of the results) that we can all just find a little peace in us to like/love ourselves!!   

I will keep everyone updated ...

Take care,

on 5/23/09 2:20 pm
Topic: RE: Home from the hospital- Band over RNY
Thanks Kalyn.. (pretty name)

I did have a sleep test done.. it was like staying in a hotel overnight w/ wires attached to you... Nothing to it really but sleep apnea is no joke.... I really feel bad for the ones that had it done.. (what insurance do you have?)

I will be very curious about my first fill.... I've only lost a total of 12 lbs...  Its hard because I'm having to diet w/ out the assistance of the restriction... 

Anyway... I'm sure it's all going to work out for you... You just have to go through the steps to get where your going.... 


on 5/18/09 12:52 pm
Topic: RE: Weight Regain after 5yrs..Options..thinking of the LapBand
I had lap band over RNY (From 1993)  I need to lose 83lbs.... Since surgery I've lost 11 lbs.. However my surgery was just done 4-30-09 and I've not had my first fill in the band yet..

Just keep watching the post on here... You will see some updates..  It's going to be hard for a little while to know how the band is going to work as revision.  There has just not been enough of them perfomred as of yet.

Good luck with whatever you choose...

on 5/18/09 12:45 pm
Topic: RE: I'm home

Congrats on the 11 lbs.. you and I have lost he same amount.. and I think around the same time... I had Lap band over RNY 4/30/09. 

I know just what you mean about not wanting to take the chance w/ a more serious type of revision. 

I have a 6 month old and was FREAKING OUT about being put to sleep.  (I've never been a wimp when it came to surgery)   But was taking such panic attacks over the thoughs of being put to sleep that the Dr gave me something within the first 15 min I was there. 

Keep us updated and good luck! 
on 5/18/09 12:29 pm
Topic: RE: Update band over RNY- 10 days post opp
Thanks Lisa..

Please stay in contact w/ me [email protected].  I want to hear how you do w/ surgery.  Also I will keep you pdated as to how I'm doing once I get my fills done.

So far the hardest thing for me is not drinking w/ my meals.. I'm having a really hard time!  I dont know if I really need to (As I feel lik I'm going to choke to death if I dont)  Or if I'm just playing a big mind game and needing to drink out of habit.

Eithere way... I'm having to work on this...

Take care,

on 5/18/09 12:26 pm
Topic: RE: Update band over RNY- 10 days post opp

I'm sorry to hear your still struggling. 

I dont mean to discourage you but the same Dr that did my lap band, was going to do the Rose.  Then of course I found out I was pregnant a week before surgery and could not go through with it.   He, his nurses, and the dietitian have all told me the Rose procedure was a flop around here... They did not have success w/ it and I dint think they are even doing it anymore. I know they used the 2nd rose machine that came out.. The one that was suppose to offer more flexibility once it was in the stomach.  It also allowed more staples.

DONT GIVE UP!   You can still do the band right? 

First I had Aetna Insurance.  (Which I did not have when I was trying to do the Rose)It was very easy to get approve for revision.  Their policy states:
Atna's Clinical Policy Bulletin (CPB) # 157 Obesity Surgery: 

  1. Repeat Bariatric Surgery:
  2. Aetna considers medically necessary surgery to correct complications from bariatric surgery, such as obstruction or stricture.  ( this did not apply to me)
  3. Aetna considers repeat bariatric surgery medically necessary for members whose initial bariatric surgery was medically necessary (i.e., who met medical necessity criteria for their initial bariatric surgery), and who meet either of the following medical necessity criteria:  (Mine was medically necessary because my bmi was over 40)  back then... I think a lot of people forget  when looking into revisions.. that most insurance company's does not require comorbs if the BMI is over 40)
  4. Conversion to a RYGB or BPD/DS may be considered medically necessary for members who have not had adequate success (defined as loss of more than 50 percent of excess body weight) two years following the primary bariatric surgery procedure and the member has been compliant with a prescribed nutrition and exercise program following the procedure; or  ( I could have gotten RYBG OR BPD/DS but chose lap band)
  5. Revision of a primary bariatric surgery procedure that has failed due to dilation of the gastric pouch is considered medically necessary if the primary procedure was successful in inducing weight loss prior to the pouch dilation, and the member has been compliant with a prescribed nutrition and exercise program following the procedure. (This was the requirement that got me approved.  This is the one that will get a lot of people approved as most of the revisions are needed due to pouch dialation)

    If AETNA did not approve me... I was ready to go to court because I met all of the requirements above.  Koodo's to them for not being Aholes like a lot of the other insurance companies and making it impossible to get revision surgery.  Most require Comorbs... however for many of us... The Comorbs went away when the weight was lost the first time.

    I really lucked out because the job I started in December gave me medical insurance from day one... 

    Now to answer your question... The band was not painful just a little uncomfortable.  On a scale 1-10.... I rank my worse pain at a 5...   It was NOTHING like the bypass.  It did hurt a little when I sipped my first little cup of water.  It was weird because most of my pain was in my right ovary.  So, when I woke up.. Just for a second, I though they did the wrong surgery... lol

    I think if ANYONE has this surgery... you may want to give yourself a good week before returning to work or doing anything too strenuous... I know people say you can go back to work in 3 days... But I was very weak and wanted to sleep A LOT... I had 11 days off total.  I had surgery on a thurs... took Thurs/Fri and all that next week off.  I wanted as many weekends as I could fit in. 

    You still have to diet.... actually it's not diet.. it's making the decision to eat the right way at every meal... I felt restriction for about a week after surgery (because of swelling) ... then I didnt feel it anymore.  I was afraid that I may have messed it up already as I had been lifting my 21 lb baby.. But the Dr. said that was normal... Because my band was not filled as of yet...  Then just this past week... I've really not had much of an appetite...  I go for my first fill on 5/28...  I will be curious to see how much restriction I have. 


    Should you want to contact me directly... My email address is [email protected].. Good luck!


on 5/11/09 11:41 am
Topic: RE: Success Rate After Revisions
Katrina.. I was told the same thing by two different Dr's from two different practices..

They said it's because once you have the procedure.. You know how to "cheat" better and get the wrong kind of foods to digest... (That was just one example) 

However.. I just had the band over RNY (From 1993) on Nov 30th... as of today I've lost 11lbs..  That's like a pound a day.  So...... So far so good..

I go back in about two more weeks to have the band tightened for the first time... I will keep the board updated...

Good luck in your search...

on 5/10/09 11:36 am
Topic: RE: Update band over RNY- 10 days post opp
Post Date: 5/10/09 6:29 pm
I did get on the scales today for Mothers Day...

I'm 10 days post opp from having lap band over RNY....   I have lost..... Drum roll please....


I'm happy with that...  I'm doing what I should with the fat free yogurts, puddings, egg beaters, etc...  I am hungry but NOT starving!! 

I can't wait to get the band filled for the first time.  I think it will make it a little less tempting to cheat.

At this point I'm glad I had this done... If the band and I keep working together.. I hope to lose another 73lbs to my goal of 175lbs. 

Please pray for me (really)  as it's not easy and just like anyone else... I have life situations that come up that makes me just want to grab the largest piece of chocolate cake I can and eat it.. I think God is testing me on a lot of situations right now and I'm not so sure I'm passing..   :-(  

Thanks everyone..