Medical Alert Bracelet? NG Tube?

on 9/18/07 1:23 pm
I was wondering if anyone out there was concerned about post-op....if you were in an emergent situation and the EMT's put in an NG tube without a scope?  I know this can cause serious damage to the pouch and I can't help but think what if I were in a car wreck and unconsious when help arrived.  Even if I carried a card in my wallet chances are they would not check before intabation (sp?).  Usually securing an airway is the first priority and I don't even know if EMT's carry scopes or not. Whare are everyone elses thoughts on this? I also hate the idea of wearing a medical alert bracelet, to me it's much like a cow wearing a brand on it's rear.  I just can't think of how else to do it and still be safe in the event of an accident. I guess I think of this so much because I know how easily things happen.  I lost my healthy 46 y/o sister in law in April to a surgical fubar and watching what her husband and daughter went through is just unbearable to think of my family going through somthing similar. spotly

Kristi J.
on 9/18/07 1:27 pm
I have a really pretty pink crystal medic alert bracelet..from (I think). I have the alert side on the inside of my wrist, so most people think it's a bracelet. I'm on the road a lot away from home, and don't want to take any chances.. that's my thought..
on 9/18/07 1:39 pm
What a wonderufl sight. I had no idea they came in sooo many styles.  Thanks for the good thought! spotly

on 9/18/07 1:32 pm - Los Angeles, CA
Intubation and NG tubes are two different things.  EMTs in most cases won't insert an NG tube and securing an airway  via intubation only goes to your lungs.  NG tubes are for decompression of the stomach, tube feedings, or gastric suctioning.  In the majority of cases, the patient is awake and alert when an NG tube is dropped as an active swallowing reflex is needed to get the tube down and you would be able to inform the ER doc that you have a GBS.  HTH!!



on 9/18/07 1:48 pm
Point taken and thanks for the clarification.    However, I live in a community where the local police used a taser on someone who had covered himself in gasoline and was threatening to set himself ablaze in a firey suicide.  The officers thought they were preventing him from taking his own life.  Needless to say he burned to death anyway, because who would have thought a taser emits sparks!.  So, do I trust local EMT's to get the airway tube in the right location, especially on someone who has had an RNY...I am not so trusting. I have seen the inside track of healthcare professionals and it is downright scary...unfortunately.  So, I guess I feel that we should be prepared for the worst care scenario.   spotly

Lady Lithia
on 9/18/07 2:01 pm
Thought to ponder... if they can't get the tube in the right place, and you NEED one, regardless of your pouch or a regular tummy, yer a goner!  If they're that inept, they won't check the bracelet either.  Since I rarely go anywhere without hubby, I probably won't bother with a medicalert bracelet. I can't wear any jewelry (except my wedding ring) without getting a very bad rash, and would hate to have to WEAR jewelry. Just not my thing.  Next time I see my surgeon I'll ask him if he thinks it's necessary.

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Your county's EMT's should become friends with our city council members.  Maybe they'd run away and start their own city. Men!! Anyhoo...I'd thought about getting the medalert charm for my bracelet.   Thanks for the information. Ist
Shrinky Inky
on 9/18/07 1:56 pm - Central Coast, CA
Medicalert bracelets are not really necessary for RNY patients, but I wear one for many of the same reasons you have, and it puts my mind at ease somewhat.  I also carry a card directly behind my driver's license, where someone would likely eventually look, if my wallet was available. I got mine from laurenshope. com and they were very fast and the quality quite nice. they will also resize for you for a small fee, although anyone with some jewelry making abilities and a couple of crimps could do it too :) I just used the text directly from the laurenshope FAQ and included my surgeon's phone number, not my home phone. 
Robin W.
on 9/18/07 10:46 pm - Franklin, OH

I have a really nice 14K gold ID bracelet with a Medical ID charm on it. I had RNY BY PASS on the front and NO BLIND NG TUBE on the back.  After almost 4 years it's just part of me like my wedding rings.  You can also go to laurs's hope and fing some really nice ones.  Good Luck,  Robin

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Nancy B.
on 9/18/07 10:49 pm - NJ
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I wear a medical id which I got from I also included, No Blind NGT, No Sugar, No NSAIDS, Greenfield Filter. Since there was room on the bracelet I included my Name, DOB and RNY and date of that surgery. You could also include allergies too or other medical information. I really like the bracelets at Lauren's Hope because the bracelet part is interchangable which is great for different outfits. Also the id part usually lies under my wrist so most people think it is just a bracelet so it looks fashionable.  If you don't want to wear a bracelet you should have something in your wallet for your medical history on a small card that would be noticed if someone was to open your wallet in an emergency.


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