Why is it "bad" to eat and drink at the same time?

Natural Goodness
on 10/11/07 5:22 am - DC
Just wondering why we can't drink water with meals.   Thanks.

Not the Same Dawn
on 10/11/07 5:25 am - BEE EFF EEE, CA
Because instead of a valve at the bottom of your stomach, you have a stoma and it won't close. So when you drink after you eat, it washes the food out of your stomach into the intestines and you feel hungry sooner...
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Liz M.
on 10/11/07 5:26 am - Lexington, KY
My nutritionist says it's because when we drink with meals, we flush the food straight out of the pouch, a) allowing us to eat more and b) leaving us feeling hungry MUCH sooner.  When you wait to drink after meals, the food stays in the pouch, and you feel fuller longer.  I'm sure there's other reasons, but that's what I remember.  Hope it helps! ~ Liz
on 10/11/07 5:33 am - Glendora, CA
When you don't drink while eating or right after the food stays in your pouch longer and your body gets to absorb some of the nutrients before it gets flushed out.   My Dr has a 15/30 rule, no drinking 15 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after a meal. I have always followed this to a T, and once you get use to it it's not hard to do.
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Jessica L.
on 10/11/07 5:30 am - Cincinnati, OH
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Exactly what the other two posters said, and for me, it hurts! When I drink on top of food it feels like the liquid pounds against the food trying to pu**** through the stoma. Very unpleasant. I have no trouble giving up drinking while eating considering that!

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(deactivated member)
on 10/11/07 6:01 am - St. Paul, MN
Well everyone here is right to my knowledge but like Jen, it hurts me a lot! I usually puke if I even try it. Even just a sip of water because whatever I ate was too hot or too thick........haha no good & it's coming back! I wouldn't recommend it........ plus then you get hungry sooner cuz it's all washed out. It's just stupid. I know lots of non-surgical patients who have picked up the no eating & drinking thing now because they see it makes a different. Good idea for everyone!
on 10/11/07 8:30 am - Knoxville, TN
Do you ever watch those eating contests on tv?  Well, if you notice that the hot dog eaters dipping their dogs on buns in water and drinking a little.  They do it rinse the food down and pack it into their intestines so they can eat more.  I just think about that when I want to drink!

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Natural Goodness
on 10/11/07 10:34 pm - DC
Thanks everyone!

Joseph Itkor
on 7/16/09 12:27 pm - hackettstown, NJ
This is absolutely the most difficult thing for me since my surgery a month ago.  I feel like I NEED to drink with my meal.  If not WITH my meal, then definately upon completion of my meal.  I wanna drink so bad, I watch the clock praying for the numbers to change.  I'll admit, I often don't wait the full 30 minutes.

Its odd, I don't want to drink my 64oz of fluids all day .... EXCEPT AT MEAL TIME!!!! 


on 5/14/10 3:15 am
I have been thinking about that too. My dr has the 15/60 rule. No drinking 15 minutes before and an hour after! I do struggle with this. I watch the clock and sometimes only wait 45 min. But I read some of you have a 15/30 min rule. So I don't feel as guilty. So many rules to follow. But I am glad to be refreshed as to why we wait for liquids. Thanks.
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