Allergic to Steri Strips??

on 2/16/08 1:03 am - Surprise, AZ
Hey all hope your weekend has started off well. I have a question about my incisions and the steri strips they used. Did anyone else have severe irritation and itchiness after the steri strips were gone? I have red, raised streaks where the strips used to be and I want to know if anyone else has experienced the same effect from the strips. Please help, they are killing me!
FobiPouch on 03/28/07 with
They sometimes use this stickem stuff that makes the steri strips stay on longer. Cant remember what its called, but I know several people that had a reaction to it. They got blisters and stuff. Let your physician know they might be able to suggest something to calm down the irritation


on 2/16/08 1:53 am - Canada
RNY on 11/13/07 with

I am allergic to just about all strips and bandages out there.. The irritation that was around my incisions was worse then the incisions them selves.  They finally said to leave them off and not put anything on there. I still have scars from where the bandages and strips were.

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on 2/16/08 3:11 am
I had a major reaction with large pus filled bumps. I had to take them off and drain the bumps (Nasty).
on 2/16/08 4:11 am - Louisville, KY
I had reaction as well. Streaks, blisters it sucks. I now have scars where they were. I would call the surgeon and see if you can pull them off and just use bandaids or gauze and tape. Sorry..
on 2/16/08 5:43 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
I was not allergic to the steri-strips, but the benzene (spray sticky) gave me huge blisters, so the strips were basically attached to the blisters, not to me.

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on 2/16/08 6:19 am - Canada
I also found out that i have a reaction not to just steri strips but all the tape in the hospital as well.  When i had my breast reduction in 95 my whole chest broke out in big red blisters and it was not the best thing.  The when i went to have my tubes tide we found out that i had a reaction to all the rest of the hospital tape, cause i broke out as well.  Then when my tubaligation did not work and had my now 3 year old i had a epidural put in and i told them to tape taht sucker to my back good so that it would not come out.  Well let me tell you the epi worked but when the tape came out i had broken blisters all up my back.  NOT FUNNN!!!!!  All i can say is to try and avoid taht stuff unless you really NEED it. Take a easy for now.  

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on 2/16/08 6:24 am
Benzoin (the sticky stuff under the steri-strips) is really tough on some people.  If your staples are out, and your wounds well approximated and healed, soak the steristrips and benzoin off with warm compresses.  I put a little hydrocortisone cream on my excoriation, and it cleared up pretty quick.  If you have open skin or blisters, you may want to ask your surgeon what he'd like you to put on there (if anything).
Brenda B.
on 2/16/08 9:22 am - Gaspé, Canada
When I had my hysterectomy I had the same problem.  My gynecologist prescribed me Flamasil cream.  It is an ointment that is used on burn and skin irritations post op.  You need a Rx for this....In Canada that is. I don't know for the US.  It worked wonders!!!!!

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on 2/16/08 9:24 am - Canada
Hello there............i did have a problem with severe itch and irritation.......i took antihistimines for a week or so and it really helped.......i took a claratin every day hope this helps tracy