Sugar Free Sherbet

on 3/5/08 4:16 am - east orange, NJ
I've went to many food markets looking for Sugar Free Sherbet, and i cant find any... My question is the Sherbet thats served in the hospital is that regaular or sugar free? What kind are you eating, or have you ate.

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Pam T.
on 3/5/08 4:50 am - Saginaw, MI
I did a quick google search and it looks like Baskin Robbins makes a sugar free sherbert.  But even better... I found a recipe that you can make at home: Sugar-Free Sherbet Courtesy of H-E-B Product Evaluation Center Ingredients: 1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid Drink Mix, any flavor 1 quart H-E-B Fat-Free Milk 1 quart low-fat plain yogurt 24 packets Hill Country Fare No-Calorie Sweetener Directions: Combine drink mix, milk, yogurt and no-calorie sweetener in an ice cream freezer container; stir to dissolve sugar. Insert the ice cream-maker paddle and lid, and insert into electri**** cream maker. Fill outer ice cream-maker container with ice and rock salt according to manufacturers instructions. Turn on electric freezer and let it churn for 30 minutes, or until machine stops (mixture is frozen). Serve and enjoy. Pour remainder in a plastic container with airtight lid and store in freezer.

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on 3/5/08 4:52 am - Canadensis, PA
RNY on 10/24/07 with
I have not found any sugar free sorbet or sherbert. The hospital kind is regular I think. I get sorbet. Some Milk based products will say they are sherbert and if you are lactose intolerant (as I am) that is a cruel the labels for sugar amounts, if you only having a tiny bit to satsify a sweet craving, then why not...unless you make your own with splenda....


on 3/5/08 11:05 am - NJ
Luigi's makes a SF Italian Ice.
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debbie Z.
on 4/20/09 2:44 am
I just had surgery on April 13th and the sherbet they have at the hospital is sugar free.  I've been looking for it too and have been unable to find it anywhere.
Lisa W.
on 4/20/09 2:57 am, edited 4/20/09 2:59 am - Fritch, TX

Try, it is made with Splenda


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