How soon after surgery can I take a bath?

on 3/15/08 8:38 am - Middletown, NY
Hi all. I had my open rny (only 3 in*****ision though) on March 3rd. I just got my period and am having major problems tolerating pain medications. Prior to surgery, when my period would get extremely bad, I would take a hot bath (if the pain & nausea got extremely severe I would smoke a doobie, but I won't do that now. I'd rather live with the pain). Of course my problems seem to occur after 5pm on a Friday (after my surgeon's office is closed)!

If you can let me know your experiences with this. Thank you.

Best regards,

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on 3/15/08 8:42 am - South of Buffalo, NY
I don't remember when I was allowed to take a bath.  Probably once your staples are removed.  Of course, I never totally followed instructions anyway ... As long as the water isn't covering your staples, I would think you would be ok. Annette

on 3/15/08 8:50 am - Middletown, NY
Thanks Annette,

I don't have staples to remove. My stitches are internal, and I believe that there was a glue strip on the outside.

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on 3/15/08 9:43 am - South of Buffalo, NY
oh ... just don't get the incision wet, and you'll be fine. Annette

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on 3/15/08 8:43 am

Hey Liana, can you take a bath without submerging the incision?  That's what I would be worried about..don't soak the incision... Dawn

on 3/15/08 8:54 am - Middletown, NY
Hi Dawn,

Well, if I take a bath in my house, my entire stomach with be outside of the water (or I will end up flooding the bathroom)! If I take a bath in my parents house (which is where I really wanted to), I can lay down and just have my face above the water line. That's how I like taking baths.

Your pugs and kittens are very cute, by the way. I have a Bulldog and a Great Dane mix. (George and Gracie).


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on 3/15/08 9:01 am
a great dane/bull dog mix..that must be a funny combo... if the heat from the bath is what soothes your cramps and stuff...try a ho****er bottle or heating pad on your tum-tum..  I wouldn't submerge the incision this early post op.. Also the heat from the bottle or pad with bring blood to the incision site and aid in it won't hurt. take care - sweety, Dawn
on 3/15/08 9:12 am - Middletown, NY
Sorry, I worded that wrong.. I have a Great Dane mix named George, and a Bulldog named Gracie.

I already have a heating pad turned on high. I should try to lay down. Thanks for the advice.


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on 3/15/08 9:10 am - Reydon, OK
I took a shower the morning after surgery in the hospital. No baths until the glue strips fell off due to infection scares of sitting in dirty water.

on 3/15/08 9:46 am, edited 3/15/08 1:14 pm
Baths should be out of the question until your wound heals up, baths = sitting in dirty water = getting your wound site infected.  Trust me on this, as a medical person, you do not want your wound getting infected, this would totally change many things you don't want to have to deal with.  Showering should be fine, you can actually cover the wound up with a clear adhesive bandage and then remove after showering.  Definitely ask your doctor about this to be sure, I know for me, I was allowed to shower on day two, but no baths are allowed for me for 6 weeks.  Good luck, and again, don't lay in the tub - too much bacteria and germs that you don't see - even if the tub looks very clean.  Taz



Brian I.
on 3/15/08 12:45 pm
My surgeon said no baths/hot tubs for at least two weeks. I'm going to wait until I have my appointment next week (which will be Day 15) to get clearance. I can't wait to jump into my spa and soak!
on 3/15/08 5:31 pm - Dunkirk, NY
I had open RNY on Wednesday with a four in*****ision and my instructions are no baths or swimming for three weeks.  Bath water contains bacteria.  Try a heating pad on your lower back or front and see if it helps. 

Best of luck,
Dolores O.
on 3/15/08 5:55 pm
I was told no bath for 6 wks.  I showered the day after surgery and I take one everyday...we are told to let the water hit us on our chest and squeeze our rag/sponge with soap on it and let it run down our chest. My steri-strips get soaked all of the time, and a few have fallen off.  So I cover them with gauze after I dry off until my next shower.


on 3/15/08 6:31 pm - Toronto, Canada
I was told no soaking in water until everything is healed.  Approx. 3 weeks.

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Lady Lithia
on 3/15/08 7:11 pm

I'm hoping to be a quick healer... by the time the swimming pool is nice and warm, I hope to be healed! Hopefully sooner than 6 weeks!  But until ALL my incisions are just red marks with no broken skin, I'm not gonna risk it.  Good luck, and it's nice to see you on here!

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