OT: Senseo Coffee Makers -- Pod Substitutes and Free Machine

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on 4/12/08 8:51 am
Hi there -- Several days ago I posted about a link that would get you a free  ---->link  Senseo Coffee Maker: (you pay $15 shipping -- most take a bout five days to arrive) the question came up, can you get a substitute for BUYING the costly pods, and HERE IS THE ANSWER !!! It's called MyPod, and ecopad -- one is a paperless system, the other is a tool that replaces the pod carrier in the system, altogether.  I'm assuming both include directions, though I've never seen them. These are economical, environmentally friendly systems for replacing pods; they also enable you to use your own coffee (which I especially appreciate, 'cuz I like my TJs Bay Blend!). 
on 4/12/08 9:03 am - NJ
It seems to me that kind of defeats one of the purposes of getting that type of coffee maker.  

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on 4/12/08 1:35 pm
Not really.  It makes great coffee, but the pods are really expensive, and use a lot of paper/filters/packaging.   These tools make that entirely unnecessary.  Same yummy coffee, less environmental waste, and less cost. Charm
on 4/12/08 10:43 pm - NJ

We have one at work and I do not care for the coffee.  For me, part of the reason for buying that type of coffee maker would be that it requires no cleaning and you throw away the pods.  Without that a regular coffee maker serves the same purpose.

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on 4/12/08 9:13 am, edited 4/12/08 9:19 am - CA
I have one of the Kuerig coffee makers and they are unbelievably awesome.  They brew one cup of piping hot coffee at a time, and they take one little tiny cup at a time (paper cup full of coffee which you order from there or can purchase at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond).  It is the most delicious coffee I've ever tasted and there is absolutely no cleanup involved...just throw the punctured little paper cup away...done.  It also makes tea or hot chocolate.  You can order the cups for that too.  I've never had a coffee pot I've been so happy with in my life.  I'm prone to liking Tully's coffee, but you can get most any kind you want...same with tea and hot chocolate.  Bed, Bath and Beyond also sells the pot or it can be ordered online.  It is well worth the investment.  Yes, you can also use your own coffee in it with a little attachment, but yes I think it is defeating the purpose of simply throwing the little dispenser away.  Without a doubt this is the best investment I've ever made and the best coffee pot bar none I've ever owned.  Check out the site on line if you want and see how wonderdul it is.  It is www.kuerig.com/  Best coffee pot I've ever bought. Also I think when you order the coffee pot that Charming mentioned you have to commit to buying those pods..not sure on that one. I love the convenience of throwing the little coffee container away, and I have loads of different coffees...French, Italian, you name it.  I also find it cheaper actually then buying the coffee...coffee is high priced for sure right now.  I have little tea cups and hot chocolate also.  I used to think I liked brand name coffees from the store until I tried Tully's...now I'm hooked big time.
on 4/12/08 9:15 am - Australia
I have a Keurig machine and use my own coffee in their refillable pods. No, I don't believe it defeats the purpose at all. I get a fresh cup of coffee each time of the brand I like (Gevalia) and my husband can have his Folgers (yuk!). Personally I hate coffee that's been sitting for any length of time. I also use it to make tea as I can run the ho****er through without a pod in it at all, so the machine takes the place of the regular coffee pot and the electric water kettle in my limited size kitchen.
on 4/12/08 2:09 pm - Charlotte, NC
RNY on 02/21/08 with
Thanks for sharing I was just about to buy one of thoose for my DH's office and now I have saved a bit. Also sent it to my coffee loving friends
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on 4/12/08 3:31 pm - Spokane, WA
Be really, really careful to follow the instructions on the Mypod.  My sister was using hers and got sloppy with it and some of the grounds got upstream instead of downstream and ruined her Senseo.   I'll tell her about this special offer though, thank you for sharing that.  I use the Mypods but not all the time, just when I want specially flavoured coffees.  Plus you have to remember that the Senseo makes a cup of espresso (not as strong as some espresso machines but definitely not a regular American-style cup of coffee) so if you don't want strong coffee get a different machine.   Love, love, love...did I mention LOVE my Senseo for my soy lattes every morning!  With my 40-some bottles of sf syrups I have my own personal latte land.  Happy happy! Molly

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