Check out my post-op tummy!!

on 6/20/08 9:30 am - Mount Vernon, WA
So I posted some pics today of my stomach at 4 days after surgery on my profile. I hope some of you get a good idea of the incision sizes. I know it was something I was interested in pre-op. Right now they are a little itchy but not painful at all. In fact I feel so well I think I'll return to work on Monday. I am going a little stir crazy in the is big empty house all by myself.
on 6/20/08 10:22 am - Suffolk, VA
Hi Thanks for posting your pictures. I have surgery on the 30th  and it is good to get the low down on my up and coming surgery. I am glad you are doing good. I hope I will be able to say the same about myself  4 days after too. Have a great weekend. Gwen
on 6/20/08 11:57 am - Cibolo, TX
Laproscopic RNY is interesting... such tiny little incisions lol.  Your post-op tummy looks great!  I think it's going to heal wonderfully!  What do you do for work that you'll be able to return that soon?  Lucky you!  I definitely didn't have your ***** at all, girl!  I am sooo jealous hehe.  Have a blessed continued recovery **hugs**.

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on 6/20/08 2:39 pm - Mount Vernon, WA
I'll be working for Allstate for the summer so it's a nice desk job. I have informed the agent however that I may or ma not be able to stay the full day at first. It's nice because I do have a lot of say about when and how much I work. That is mainly because I am in a pretty high demand field. I am also a caregiver with hospice but I'll need to wait until I can lift to do that since it's part of the job description. Either way, it's just a job until I can get back to nursing school in the Fall.
on 6/20/08 3:51 pm - Toledo, OH
Glad to hear your doing so well!!  Welcome to the losers bench!

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on 6/21/08 1:00 am, edited 6/21/08 1:01 am - OH
For anyone who is facing open RNY (or wants to see what the incision looks like just in case something happens and your lap surgery has to be changed to an open surgery), my profile has a pic of my tummy 1 week after open surgery.  It was an 8-in*****ision with the swelling... The tube is a gastric tube going into the old stomach and was removed 2.5 weeks post-op, by the way. Lora

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on 6/21/08 4:39 pm - Mount Vernon, WA
It so weird but I wish I had a drain!  I'm still feeling alright but  this fluid pouch in my side is driving me a little crazy and  I have to wait till Wednesday to have it looked at.  Right now I just have to deal with a water-bed tummy on one side!  Plus it's stretching the skin on that side till it feels like it's gonna tear. Oh well. It's a minor thing all considered so I'll just wait it out!