switching to centrum chewables

on 10/15/08 8:41 pm
ok, im switching from flinstones to centrum chewables... i just got them this morning & when i was looking around would have much rather gotten the ones that I could swallow whole but wasnt sure if I would absorb them as well so I didnt... anyways, my question is how many a day do i take? My nut had me taking 2 a day of the flinstones but after hearing everything on here i figured it cant hurt to switch to an adult vitamin and if its a chewable it should absorb just fine, right? so i guess im a little confused as to why she wanted us to take the flinstones if we could get the same thing in adult vitamins. I didnt even know they had the chewables. since its not a kids vitamin, is one a day enough? Or is the requirement different for bariatric patients? thanks!

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on 10/15/08 9:40 pm - OH
My surgeon just has me take one of the Centrum per day (but I double up and take two a day for a few days if I am feeling run down or preparing for or recovering from surgery (or illness).

I have no idea why some surgeons suggest Flintstones since those are made for the needs of children not adults (perhaps the surgeons just don't know about the chewable Centrum...?)


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Andrea U.
on 10/15/08 9:44 pm - Wilson, NC
The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeon's recommend a dose twice the normal adult dose, per day.

So in this case, 2 per day.

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on 10/15/08 9:52 pm
I also take 2 centrums a day. Seems to work just fine so far.
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on 10/15/08 11:35 pm, edited 10/15/08 11:35 pm - Danvers, MA
I was taking Centrum Adult Chewables for a while, 1 a day. Now I just take one Centrum Performance Tablet every day (in addition to my iron, extra vitamin C, B-12 and calcium).

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on 10/16/08 5:39 am - NH
Amy , why is it you take Iron ?                       Isn`t Iron in the Centrum vit?

on 10/16/08 5:41 am - Danvers, MA
My labs have indicated that I am anemic, so I take iron because I'm anemic. There's apparently not enough iron in the Centrum to deal with my anemia, and/or the calcium that is also present in the Centrum is minimizing the iron absorption.

on 10/15/08 11:41 pm - Hamilton, Canada
My Nutritionist at Barix (Mary) told me that it was okay to take the "Flinstone's Complete Chewable Multi-Vitamin" (2 per day), but she did also say that I could take "Centrum Complete Chewable Multi-Vitamin" too (1 per day).  I think it's a matter of choice due to taste.  I prefer the children's, because I find the adult chewables disgusting.

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on 10/15/08 11:43 pm - Tucson, AZ
My surgeon and bariatric coordinator suggested 2 childrens chewables a day, not Flintstones, because they have more iron.  I take 2 Active Kids daily.


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Christie N.
on 10/16/08 12:01 am - Riverton, UT
Before surgery, I asked my nut and doctor repeatedly if I should take 2 of the Centrum chewables and they said 1 is fine (because I see a lot of people on this forum that take 2 mv's).   My doc said only 20% of my intestines were bypassed and I don't have THAT much malabsorption to have to take 2 mv's and 1 would do (vs someone who had the DS and had much more bypassed than a RNY'er).   And personally, I hated the taste of the Centrum chewables (and still do but have gotten used to it)!!  I take a chewable 500mg Vitamin C right after it (tastes like OJ) to help with the iron absorption and also for my immune health.   Helps take that nasty taste out of my mouth too.   I've talked to other patients 1+ out that are taking 1 centrum a day and their labs are fine. 

There's also Centrum Silver chewables you can take (which I've heard tastes a lot better), but it doesn't have iron it and you'd have to take a separate iron supplement.

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