Bubbles in my pouch/throat - Feel like I need to burp but have only vomited...8 times

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on 10/28/08 2:19 pm - Camp Lejeune Area, NC
So everything in my surgery was phenemonal...until today. Day 12. For some reason, after 5:00 I got this bubble in my throat. After a few deep breaths, I just vomited. It was an easy vomit, it just came out. The next several hours, I vomited 4 more times. I didn't eat/drink anything, because I felt uncomfortably full...but I could tell it was just a bubble. And then, finally, I vomited like I used to vomit before the surgery - shaky hands, trembly lips - and this seemed like it had everything I ate in the past few days in it. After that, I thought I was golden. I felt remarkably better - the bubble was gone. Well, because I felt so good, I thought I would drink some water. Within 5 minutes, I was vomiting it right back out - another easy vomit, pure water. And the bubble is back. I am trying to go to sleep, but it is almost as if everytime I inhale, a small bubble creeps up the back of my throat. It's like, if I could just burp, I would feel relieved. But I can't...and I feel so uncomfortably full...but it's just air...

I called my doctor. They said go into the ER and have an X-ray done again. I live 2 hours away from the hospital.

This will be interesting. I'll keep ya posted.
on 10/28/08 5:59 pm
RNY on 06/29/09 with
Best of luck to you. Please do let us know how you turn out. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs, Lisa
on 10/29/08 1:49 am - langhorne, PA
Good Luck... Sending you well wishes!

on 10/29/08 2:00 am - Martinsburg, WV
RNY on 10/14/08 with
I live 2 hrs away as well, so I understand what you're going through! Are they thinking a stricture? Keep us updated!
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on 10/29/08 3:41 am - Camp Lejeune Area, NC
Well, after 6 hours in the ER I did another barium swallow. It was good except there were a few changes: it didn't go down as smoothly as it should and it looks like I have a bit of regurgitation. They said that was fine, nothing serious, nothing was ripped or torn - all the surgery spots were still intact. After about another hour though, they said they wanted me to do a CT scan, but I couldn't do it for another 2 hours later when the barium fluid worked its way through my body. I said, I was feeling better - I had to get out of there. The ER was awful.

And I was feeling better. Almost by the time I got there (and after another really forceful yak) I felt fine. No more bubble. I didn't attempt to drink any water until the Barium fluid and it went down well, so after that, I took several sips and they were all fine. So I was keeping down food. I couldn't justify being in the hospital for 8 hours throughout the night and early morning when now I felt fine. My two babies were home with my mother who was calling anxiously every 2 hours for an update...so it was just chaotic.

I came home and slept for about 4 hours and feel fine. I haven't attemped to drink/eat anything yet, but I don't feel that irksome bubble any longer. I was just wondering if that happened to anyone else on here.
Elaine C.
on 10/29/08 5:03 am - Lawton, OK
What had you eaten prior to the "incident"?

Early out I would get this feeling if I did not chew well enough, if I at something to dry, if I ate too much.

Because you are soo early out I presume you are on liquids, pureed?  My surgeon had us progress rather quickly,  in about 2 weeks I was on a "try it and see" approach.
Jody H.
on 10/29/08 6:33 am - Des Moines, IA
You didn't mention what foods are you eating... is it possible something got 'stuck'?      When I get stuck I feel a tightness in my chest - much higher up than what you'd expect from a stomache - but our pouch IS higher up.
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on 10/29/08 7:42 am - Camp Lejeune Area, NC
Well, I was sort of that phase of trying things out. Just before I drank an Orange Isopure drink, but before that I had a few bites of baked chicken (really moist and smooth). I didn't feel like anything was stuck...I have had the feeling of being overfull the day before or so when I ate some scrambled eggs. And it wasn't the same feeling. This definitely felt like an air bubble. It was almost as everytime I inhaled, I could feel a small bubble coming to the back of my throat.

Anyways, I feel fine today.  I have drank water and had a protein drink and am getting ready for some tomato soup. My doctor called today and he said their might be an issue with some closure (too tight) and to go on liquids again for a week or so and then slowly try soft foods again. If the same thing happens, then he might have to stick something down my throat to stretch it out a bit.

I am still totally happy with my decision to get surgery and today I feel great. Yesterday yucky, hospital was disasterous, but today, going on about 4 hours of sleep in 36, I feel pretty darn good. I will just take it easy. You know, it is hard - because your head doesn't change even though your body does..and it 'felt' hungry, eventhough I wasn't. I probably did push myself too hard too fast and I just need to be very aware of that moving forward. My body has changed and needs to heal and I was just too ready to jump back into foods. This was an eye opener and I am going to do what I can to respect my body, my decision for this major surgery and just slow down and be totally aware.

P.S. Have I said how much I love this site!?
on 10/29/08 7:54 am - olympia, WA
RNY on 02/13/08 with
Chicken is Evil I tell ya, Pure evil.  Does that to me every (almost) time!
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