glue used to close incisions

on 1/15/09 4:14 pm
Has anyone had their surgery wounds closed with the glue??? did yours start peeling early also and did you bleed after taking showers???
ok, so my doctor used the glue to close my incisions i dont know why...but..... thats what was used...and i went to take a shower and put on my night shirt..(wait...wait...wait...let me back up and say no that wasnt the first shower ive taken since my surgery on the and when i put on my night shirt it was like the glue had gotten kinda washed away...and my wounds were bleeding kinda thru my shirt and it freaked me out hmmm...and if i wasnt afraid that i would end up in somebodys ditch i wouldve went and seen the doctor on wednesday but i didnt because they warned everyone to stay off of the roads...for all of you that know i live in anchorage alaska thanks to our great military....and so everyone knows it snows in alaska...(not as much as you would think it would snow but it does none the less snow...) and with all the snow just chillin on the road and after a week and a half of it being like 20+ below zero  it warmed up about like 3 or 4 days ago and with that it began raining and the roads are like a ice i wasnt gonna go drive anywhere...and i didnt feel like having my husband drive me anywhere because he is the worst driver ever!!!!!! he has done a 360 in a humvee on the free way driving his commander to a field exercise and has crashed a military vehicle into a cattle truck and well, i dont trust it....i would have to be put under in order for me to ride as a passanger with him....besides he doesnt check his blind spots and i just get freaked out..... now that i have changed the subject like 20 million times...  i hope someone else can give me insight into this whole glue drama im having should i just suck it up and go to the hospital and get it check on?
on 1/15/09 9:01 pm
 I think using glue is standard.  They used glue for my inscisions as well.  If what you have is just 
kinda seeping, I don't think you need to worry.

Watch for heat, redness, pain and swelling----all signs of infection and reasons to go to the hospital.

Otherwise call your surgeon in the morning----s/he may just say to put a band-aid on it.

on 1/15/09 9:19 pm - Dublin, OH
My surgeon also used glue...he instructed me to avoid getting the incisions wet as much as possible (did the whole saran wrap and tape thing when I showered) and the glue stayed on for about a week and a half.

I did have a drain that was later removed and the doc used steri-strips on that.  I'd give your surgeon a quick call in the morning on how he recommends dressing the incisions, but I wouldn't worry too much about it.  

Best of luck!
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on 1/15/09 11:02 pm - Petawawa, Canada
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my incisions were also glued shut and I had no problems.  I showered twice in the hospital and regularly once I got home - the only thing I didn't do was soap up the areas.  That said, a week out, the edges started lifting and actually peeling off some.  Are you actually bleeding/seeping or does it just look that way?  I had one incision in particular that "looked" like it was bloody but when the glue fell off, the incision site was completely clear - it was just a little pocket of blood that had formed when they were "glueing me back together"... That said, if you are actually bleeding from your incisions, I would suggest calling your surgeon.  After two weeks, I gently pulled off the remaining glue from the incisions because it was catching in my clothes and making me itchy... I'd much rather have glue than stitches or staples.. makes for a much cleaner scar.

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Bonnie S.
on 1/15/09 11:11 pm - San Antonio, TX
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 I had Steri strips - they where probably glued under that though... not sure

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