Ouch! raw skin under my stomach roll

on 2/5/09 3:20 am - Taylor, WI
I had this happen one time a while before my RNY a month ago, thought it was a isolated thing, but now it happened again!  I have a not huge stomach roll, but no the less a roll.  Straight down from my belly button is a good size area that is red, irriated and sore!  Ouch!  I put anitbiotic ointment on it and it's gettng better.  Why is this happening to me now?    I have had this roll for years.  How do I keep it from happening again, use powder?
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on 2/5/09 3:26 am - china grove, NC
pure corn starch baby powder to prevent. But i remember some of the post plastic folks saying it you plan to have plastics to document it EVERY time it happens with your Dr. maybe one of them will have a better answer as to why now. Best of luck to ya,                   Pollyann
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on 2/5/09 3:29 am - TX
I feel your pain.  I've had it under my breasts before and since I can't go to work w/o a bra you can imagine what kind of unpleasantness those days were.  The burn and chafing.  But I found that good ole Desitin diaper rash ointment cures it in 2 days max.  Apply to clean, dry skin and just dab it if your skin is super irritated right now. 
on 2/5/09 3:29 am - WY
You might want to go to your doc and get a prescription for a yeast infection cream... My doc suggested getting some baby blankets and cutting them into smaller peices to place under the apron and reduce the irritation.
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on 2/5/09 3:35 am, edited 2/5/09 3:35 am
The most important thing is to keep it clean and dry. I would also recommend having your Dr. check it out just to make sure that it isn't a yeast infection. Plus by doing this, you are getting it documented in case you decide to have plastics. Some times insurance WILL cover plastics if there is enough documented evedince. Good luck.
on 2/5/09 4:00 am - Waukesha, WI
I agree.  Have your doctor take a look and document for plastics later.  This may sound terrible but it really works.  Get some "Breaudrou's Butt Paste" not sure on the spelling.  You find it in the baby section near the powder.  It puts a protective coating over the area and lets it heal.
on 2/5/09 4:05 am - Schenectady, NY
Have it documented and then use Baby Gold Bond Powder...only thing that works for me.

on 2/5/09 4:09 am - Near Media, Pa- South of Philly, NJ
Ointment is the wrong thing to put on an intertriginous rash. You need to dry it out, not make it wetter-- the moisture breeds bacteria. 

What you need is an anti-fungal powder like Zeasorb. Take photos-- as people suggest-- if you might ever require plastics. There is also a topical cream called Vusion your doctor can prescribe that works well.

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on 2/5/09 4:18 am

I've had the same problem for years. Under the belly and breast burns. Trial and error has brought me to use A & D Ointment. Desitin is good but messy, powder clumps. Make sure you wash often and dry well. A thin layer of ointment goes a long way.

on 2/5/09 4:22 am, edited 2/5/09 4:23 am - Glendora, CA
Document this for sure - either take pictures or see the DR so he can document it.

It could help you with plastics later on. It helped get me approved.

I sometimes use a hairdryer on low to make sure spots like this get really dry. I have prescription cream from the Dr for this and I use a powder with cornstarch.
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