WLS restaurant card

on 3/13/09 6:37 pm
I read somewhere this site has a WLS restaurant card (the one explaining wls and being able to eat off the kiddie menu)  we can download.
Anyone know it's location on this or other sites?

on 3/13/09 6:54 pm - TX
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on 3/13/09 7:58 pm
The card is a nice thing to have if anybody ask for it but you'll find the kiddie menu is not very often RNY friendly.  Have experienced a lot of eateries that will let you half a regular meal or split it with another person - no questions asked.  Restaurants are seeing a lot of splitting because of the economy.

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on 3/13/09 9:58 pm
I often order appetizers.
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on 3/13/09 10:22 pm - Franklin, OH
Like others have said the kiddie menu is not really WLS friendly... a lot of FIRED items and such.   Better plan carry a small cooler and ice pack in your car when you go out, order real food ask for a box as soon as the food comes cut the potrion in half,  box it up,  put it in the cooler take it home and have another meal.  There are some places that my daughter and I will still split a meal and then still have left overs.
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on 3/13/09 11:05 pm
My surgeons office gave me one, it actually has his signature on it---it explains that I had wls and asks to have a smaller portion as I only can eat that (says something along those lines)
on 3/14/09 7:19 pm
On March 14, 2009 at 6:05 AM Pacific Time, amcgb wrote:
My surgeons office gave me one, it actually has his signature on it---it explains that I had wls and asks to have a smaller portion as I only can eat that (says something along those lines)
My surgeons office gave me one too.  I'm only 11 days out and haven't used it. Does it usually work for you? Do they give you the discount?
on 3/13/09 11:20 pm - Thomaston, ME
If I am going to pay for a meal I want a good one. I don't want the kiddie hot dog or greasy mac and cheese.

I order appetizers or from the regular menu and ask for a "to go" box for the left overs. I also question the waiter/waitress concerning how things are served- do they butter the vegetables, does the salad come with dressing on? I ask them to hold these condiments, or put on the side.

I'm a cheap date! A restaurant meal can last 3 meals or more!

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on 3/13/09 11:37 pm - AL
I have the card that I got from my surgeon, but I never have to use it.  I just tell the restaurant I need to order from the child's menu and they are ok with it. 

We eat out a lot due to business entertaining etc., and i have found that many restaurants have really good healthy choices these days on the kids menu.  Macaroni Grill, Outback Steakhouse, and several others offer steak, grilled chicken and fish, etc.  

I live on the gulf coast where seafood is plentiful and many of the nice seafood restaurants offer grilled shrimp and fish which i love!

I'm pretty lucky that my husband and I eat almost identical foods and so we share a lot of the time.  That works out very well for us. 

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on 3/14/09 1:26 am
I got the card from my surgeon's office too. It was handed out to all of us at one of our pre-op classes.
To be honest, I would never show it to any restaurant. I am so private and I really don't care to announce that I have had GBS. I'd rather pay for an appetizer or full price for a meal and take half of it home than to share my business with a restaurant worker.

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