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on 3/30/09 9:18 am
Has anyone had trouble with their bowels kinking?
Finally after going to the er yesterday they told me my bowel had kinked but had corrected itself by the time they took the ct..  They could tell on the ct that my bowel had kinked.
Does anyone know how to keep this from happening?

Sharyn S.
on 3/30/09 9:31 am - Bastrop, TX
RNY on 08/19/04 with
A volvulus, or kinked bowel, is a fairly common occurance after ANY abdominal surgery.  As is a bowel obstruction.

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on 3/30/09 9:36 am - Near Media, Pa- South of Philly, NJ
You really can't stop it from happening--(although your doc can surgically tack your intestines down-- mine did) but you can be aware of the danger signs of bowel obstructions. If you have trouble passing gas or stool, have bad pain and vomiting, you're in trouble.

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PuggyDawn S.
on 3/30/09 9:42 am - San Antonio, TX
RNY on 01/10/07 with
I've had 2 bouts of twisted intestines...check my profile for details.  My surgeon had to tack my intestines down to my abdomen wall to stop the flip-flopping.

Twisted intestines is very very painful and you MUST get it fixed within hours....


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on 3/30/09 11:48 am
Thanks for the reply.
It's just very frustrating since it comes on without notice.  This has been happening since December. 
Do they normally tack the bowel down during the surgery the first time? 
PuggyDawn S.
on 3/30/09 12:03 pm - San Antonio, TX
RNY on 01/10/07 with
I surgeon didn't.  I was his first case of twisted intestines and for it to happen a second time to the same person is very rare...but that's me ~ a FREAK of nature..LOL


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