Plastic Surgery: How much does it cost?

on 4/19/09 8:31 am
I've lost about 93 lbs since surgery 12/17/08. I can tell that I'm going to need some skin removed. I have some questions.
How much does it cost? (I'm thinking inner thighs, stomach and arms). Is it better for your body to huve multiple surgries or do everything at once? What is the recovery time? How is the scarring? Any advice or information you can provide I would greatly appreciate. Thanks!
on 4/19/09 8:42 am - Near Media, Pa- South of Philly, NJ
Those questions would be best asked on the Plastic Surgery Forum.

What can be done at once is up to your individual surgeon. My breasts arms and stomach will probably run me around $14k.

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on 4/19/09 8:50 am - Philly-delphia, PA

Like Jupiter said the ps forum is the best place fore answers but in Philadelphia, for arms, stomach, and breast I was quoted 14k to 16k...I may have a reduction and then pay for the arms and stomach...I check the ps forum on a regular basis...Please keep in mind that price varies by state...

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Don 1962
on 4/19/09 8:52 am
Unless you have a panni that is restricting your mobility or you're getting rashs from - hold off on any PS.  Besides that you will be loosing weight for at least a year or more so hold off till you make goal.  You'd hate to go through TWO rounds of PS becasue you got loose skin again!

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on 4/19/09 11:54 am - Redwood City, CA
I gotta say I love your #4!! 
Kristi J.
on 4/19/09 10:59 am
It will definitely vary by doc..what the extent of the surgery will be--
Mine is schedule May 22:
Arm Lipo
Saddle bag lipo (There must be a "doctor" term for that!!)
and legs from knee up
$10,500 for all of it including anesthesiologist and facility and 2 doctors.

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 4/19/09 9:45 pm - OH
It varies a lot by location and surgeon and exactly what you need done.  I had a panniculectomy (tummy skin below the belly button, but not including the mons/pubic area) that was paid for by insurance, but the subsequent mons lift, tummy tuck (for muscle tightening and to remove the extra skin ABOVE the belly button), and arms cost me $13,000.


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on 4/19/09 11:12 pm - Bryan, TX
I had lost 160 lbs in 19 months but had a massive abdominal hernia which required repair and insurance agreed that my pannus also had to go. So I had hernia repair, tummy tuck, and panniculectomy covered by insurance and my out of pocket expense was $726.60.

They removed 8.6 lbs of skin off my belly (along with my belly button).

I'm loving the flat stomach but I can see the thigh lift and saddlebag removal is definitely going to be a must next year!!

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