Itchy dry skin at incision sites

Brandi F.
on 7/29/09 1:06 pm - Kissimmee, FL
So at my JP drain incision site and the G-tube site (it's coming out on Friday-yippeee!) I have dry, pink, kind of scaly skin.  I thought Neosporin would help, but it didn't do much.  Maybe I just need to use a moisterizer of some kind?  The scars are healed closed on the JP site, and the irritated area around the G-tube is where the band aid stuck.  Ideas?
on 7/29/09 1:23 pm
what happens is the tube material is resistant to skin, hence the reason the skin stops before it gets to the tube and latchs on, so to answer your question the skin that getting dry and flakey is normal b/c this skin has no where to go so to say, also some of the flaking can be from the stomach goo that comes up through the whole and drys up and flakes off, as this also happened to me.
if your getting it out friday you should of about a week ago have stop covering it so it could breath...but anyways if you need help with anything email me at [email protected], i dont normally give my personal email out but since you had the same doctor as me your gonna quickly relize he offers little to no support for post op wls pat. as ive found out and i have support my self by releying on "OH" and google to get my answer for concerns that i encounter...well sorry for the long typed post goodluck
on 7/29/09 2:37 pm - Suffern, NY
I found cornstarch worked really well for itching.  I had terrible itching at all my incisions and the cornstarch really helped.


Pam T.
on 7/29/09 11:14 pm - Saginaw, MI
Ahhh yes, I remember the ichiness.  I try to block it out, but posts like this bring back the memories.  LOL! 

Is it just your incision sites that are itchy or is it all over -- like general dry skin?  I remember my whole body iching because of dry skin and especially right around the incisions/scars.  I used moisturizers like crazy and it did help a tiny bit. 

But mostly it's probably an issue with your diet.  Our body needs healthy fats to keep our skin healthy and supple -- and right now, early out, you're probably getting little to no fat in your diet.  Try adding a fish oil supplement and eating more foods that contain good fats (salmon, tuna, avacado, etc.). 

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Brandi F.
on 7/29/09 11:30 pm - Kissimmee, FL
A good reason to have avacado?  Yippee!
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