Pureed scrambled eggs

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on 7/31/09 2:21 am
So according to my Nut even though scrambled eggs are soft and mushy I shouldn't eat them within the first month unless they are pureeded How would you puree a scrambled egg?
on 7/31/09 2:38 am - Bloomington, MN
I was allowed scrambled eggs while on the puree stage,but mashed the heck out of them with a fork- add a little milk to them if need be to keep them very moist.

Stacy M.
on 7/31/09 3:45 am, edited 7/31/09 3:45 am - Woodbury, MN
I'm 6 weeks out and I still can't eat scrambled or egg bake eggs.. its an instant puke food for me.
I was told by the "experts" on here its a consistency issue.. and I TOTALLY agree with them!

I was eating poached eggs at two weeks out.. was on my soft foods list...


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on 7/31/09 3:48 am
 lol I don't know how to poach an egg. =(
Johanna !
on 7/31/09 4:25 am - Formerly known as jdcRI, RI
I ate them and chewed really well...I am not suggesting you copy me but pureed scrambled eggs were the nastiest grossest pukiest food ever.  I am shuddering as I recall me first tase of them.  The texture blach.
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H.A.L.A B.
on 7/31/09 7:59 am
could not eat them for over 8 months post op, unless pureed.
How do you puree the eggs/ put in a blender add milk or chicken stock (a little) - puree -works well in a small cup in magic bullet.
But many people eat eggs with no problem. ...
Now i eat them - but not that often and mostly incorporated in other foods like quiches, meatloaf, omelet. etc. 
After initial struggles with eggs - scrambled eggs just do not appeal to me anymore.   

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christine G.
on 7/31/09 8:05 am
for me, the pureed scrambled egg was too dry and gross.  i found doing a sunny side egg and keeping it runny then putting it in he food processor was much better.

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on 7/31/09 8:17 am - Gaylord, MN
I pureed my scrambled eggs by running them through my food processor.  I added salsa to moisten them up and add flavor.  I sometimes cooked ground turkey sausage and pureed it w/ salsa and added it to my eggs...yum!

on 7/31/09 9:10 am - virginia beach, VA
I am 3 days out and was told to chew my eggs really good. When they gave it to me day 2 in the hospital i had to call and make sure it wasn't a mix up. I was told it was fine and to just chew really well. When i think i was done chew it 5 more times.
Robert P.
on 7/31/09 11:29 am - Pelham, AL
I'm 5 months out, and don't enjoy scrambled eggs.  They just don't go down well.  However, I can eat an egg if it's cooked over medium, so it has some runny yolk to lubricate things.
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