on 9/13/09 5:55 am - Sweden
Ok I havent posted much in this section, I have mostly been a "taker" and found tons of great info here.

I just had my Lap RNY surgery on august 31st. There were complications and I ended up with a leak in my small bowel and they couldnt find this until they opened me yep, I ended up with an open RNY on Sept 1st.

As things went south for me the day after surgery, all tests and vitals were showing that I was doing just fine. Even the x-ray where they follow the liquid looked ok. My pain increased and I ended up going very white, pouring sweat and trying to heave up contents that werent there. When they took me back into surgery they did try to find the problem via the LAP method but all looked well there too, so they had no choice but to open me up and find out what the hell was wrong. They found it and fixed it. I spent a full week in the hospital.

Now I have been home a week. My stitches and staples have been removed but I do have some slight irritations in some incisions. I also feel my lungs arent doing as well as I would like. It does hurt still when I breath in deeply. I go back to the doctor tommarrow to look at my incisions and also to look at my lungs. I have no fever and overall, I am getting better.

I still have pain and discomfort, but this is to be expected.

So far I havent even thought much about weight loss. I am still bigger than the day I went in for surgery. I seem to be retaining too much fluid and my stomache is still all weird and huge. My face does look smaller though. Currently, I am so focused on just feeling better and normal again that I havent focused much on "weight loss". It will come, I know this.

My vitamins are far too easy so I must be doing something wrong or I am missing something. I am not getting in enough protein so I need to work at this. I am getting my water in but its a real struggle right now.

I dont have buyers remorse but maybe it will come. SO far, even with the hell I have been through and am still going through....I have no regrets at all. If I had to do this knowing the hell I would go through, I would still do it!

I have felt hungry a few times but I was able to deal with it and a bit of soup did help.

I treat my new pouch like a fragile gem and so far no real problems there.

So I would like to say to the pre-ops, even IF you have complications and end up with a bigger struggle than you gets better each day and is totally do-able. I am a world class baby and whiner who hates any discomfort at all and yet I found I CAN DO THIS.

I do feel gross though. The bandages, bloating etc do make me feel icky. I will be happy when that part passes.

'would rather get gunned down than dumbed down...K'naan

Flo W.
on 9/13/09 6:04 am - Kansas via Chicago, IL
Thanks for the update and encouragement. I know a gentleman who had complications and felt the same way as you. But his wife- she was very negative-especially knowing the fact the I am scheduled to have my RNY on Wednesday.  So, I'm excited and nervous. But, I'm NOT EXPECTING to not have pain. I look at it as pregnancy- I expect to be in pain, but the outcome is far more greater!!

Praying for your quick healing and  that you get better!!


Blessed beyond measure!       
on 9/13/09 7:03 am - Sweden
The pregnancy comparison is a good one!

Good luck on your upcoming surgery. Odds are in your favor that you wont have complications so its good to know I am actually in the minority on that.

'would rather get gunned down than dumbed down...K'naan

Amanda S.
on 9/13/09 6:33 am - Boise, ID
I hope everything continues in a great direction for you!!
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Judi J.
on 9/13/09 6:38 am - MN

you did have a time didn't you?

I had open RNY (luckily only as ONE procedure, not TWO procedures like you had). keep walking when you can and I hope you start to feel like a human being soon!

I felt better during week 2. I hate to tell you this but it took my husband till week 6 so hang in there. you have a great attitude! you KNOW you are going to lose the weight.

just keep taking care of yourself.

i made a lot of slushies at this stage. it felt good to chew on ice and get some liquid in that way
on 9/13/09 7:14 am - Sweden
I didnt know you had open RNY Judi!

The first week was sheer torture but this second week is much better so overall, thats a pretty good progression. Its hard to believe I could go from feeling as bad as I was to where I am now actually. I think the few days I was stapled to the bed were the worst.

I feel like as long as I focus on getting better, getting my water, my vits and my protein...the weight loss will come. Its kinda weird how its not on my mind that much right now. I know that will change though.

I will have to try the slushies. Anything to help me get my fluids in! I tend to stress and thanks to this site I have it DRILLED into my head to get my fluids in.

I am sip sip sipping as I type this!

'would rather get gunned down than dumbed down...K'naan

on 9/13/09 7:31 am

Awww, I'm sorry you had complications, but you sound very positive and that's going to make you successful and heal quickly.  Hope you are feeling better soon.


on 9/13/09 8:19 am - Riverton, WY
I admire your strength!

Sharon L.
on 9/13/09 8:21 am - Valpo, IN
I didn't have any complications at all; but feel sympathy for you.  I don't have any words of wisdom except to hang in there and call on your doctor anytime you have concerns.  It sounds like you have the best attitiude which makes all the difference!  Best of luck and I hope you get to feeling better soon!  sending hugs your way!

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Kelly S.
on 9/13/09 9:19 am
Glad you are on the mend.  We all know about the complications, we just hope they won't happen to us!  Rest up and feel well.

20 pounds lost during two week pre-op diet.

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