Not hungry after surgery?

on 9/22/09 12:53 pm - Crossnore , NC
I'm 7 days into the 2 week liquid diet right now and having a really hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I won't be hungry after surgery. I just can't imagine it. Can anyone explain how this feels? I've hardly ever had a time when I didn't want to eat.
on 9/22/09 1:03 pm
I cant explain it but you are just not tummy doesn't growl or tighten up or anything..I have to remember to put something in there. Currently I am still on full liquids but I truly am not hungry. I think the sensation does come back but this new tummy is just too new to recognize that it needs to be filled..


Pam T.
on 9/22/09 1:07 pm - Saginaw, MI
 It is not something that we can explain.  You have to experience it to understand.  Just have faith that the surgery works and the hunger is tamed --  it's the most amazing and strange feeling.  

Now head hunger.... that's a whole other story.  :-)

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on 9/22/09 1:10 pm - Augusta, GA
I only had head hunger for one day.  Now, 9+ weeks out I have to actually remind myself by the clock to eat something.   I am not hungry in the least.   It is such a welcome feeling.   Every other time I have tried to diet, I just couldn't stand the hunger.  

My husband brings in foods that he still loves and I really don't care.   I work hard to think about something that I can eat because I don't really want anything.

It works!   It's wonderful!   I hope it lasts for life!

         Love My Danes        
on 9/22/09 2:11 pm - Canada
RNY on 09/02/09 with
as its already been said, Its something that you have to feel.
for the first time in a very very very long time I AM IN CONTROL!!!!!!   I eat by the clock and I measure everything! 
No hunger, no full feeling. Just going through the motions!

I think it feels...wonderful!

Sara C.
on 9/22/09 9:51 pm - Granville, NY
I think for a lot of us, this is a challenging shift.  Rather than living to eat, we now eat to live.  I occasionally have cravings for food (you can see on here, currently, someone wants pizza), but I have no want to eat 90% of the time.  Eating becomes very much like taking your medicine.  At a certain time you sit down with a measured amount of food, chew it well and eat slowly.  You can still eat things that taste good, and can give you some pleasure while you're eating, but there is not that feeling of oh I can't wait to go to the buffet and just eat until I'm stuffed and that after eating pleasure feeling that got a lot of us into this situation. 

It's really something you have to experience, for me it was a big realization of how much pleasure I used to derive from food.  I have been seeing a emotional eating therapist since about 6 months pre surgery and that really helped.  It is important now to find things that you can do that give you pleasure, relieve anxiety, etc., instead of food, so once you begin to feel hunger again you don't turn back to food.  I'm big into pedicures now, and I found a mineral spa where I can go take a nice mineral bath for about 20$ instead of hitting the buffet. 

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on 9/22/09 10:25 pm - Los Alamos, OR
Mary C.
on 9/22/09 11:13 pm, edited 9/22/09 11:13 pm - Canada
It's a miracle for me! The fact that at 18 months post op I still never feel hungry and in fact have to take time to eat. So I eat to live - not live to eat.

on 6/14/14 10:13 pm


first let me say that bariatric surgery was the single best decision I ever made for myself. I had surgery in January 2013. Within six months I went from 275 pounds to 154 pounds. Since then I have gained 26 pounds and I am now at 180. This is a very good weight for me. Since I had surgery, I have not been hungry, not even once. I count it as a blessing. However, I became overweight in the first place because I ate when I wasn't hungry, so surgery is not a magic fix.  The issues I had with self-control were the real problem. So yes I am not hungry, but I am still the same person that wants to eat for nothing but mental gratification. Bariatric surgery is not a magic fix for that, it is simply a tool to make it easier. 

on 9/23/09 2:46 am - Thornton, CO
It's not something you can really explain except for that you don't  really feel hungry physically.  There are times when your brain wants food just because you are so used to eating.  I'm 23 days out from surgery and I've definitely had head hunger moments, but no real physical hunger.  I have to remind myself that I have to eat something. H/W: 375, S/W: 300, C/W: 285