600-800 calories a day a sample of a daily menu

on 10/3/09 6:15 pm
Ok so i am having trouble trying to get a menu written down and i would love some help from any of you..
I am 5 days away from being 9 mo. post op. i have been the same weight for about a month and a half and i cant seem to lose these last 19 pounds. so i was going to try to switch up the menu plan a little bit so i can only eat between 6-800 calories aday so i was wondering if anyone could give me a sample of a days meal which would give me that. i cant exercise since i just broke my foot and cant really do much but hop around.. i plan on drinking 2 protien shakes a day and after that i am lost. i want to break the stall. im planning on doing the 5 day pouch test starting in the morning. but idk because i know with that you have to exercise... ugh im stressing...any help would be great....thanks...and sorry if i was confusing
Kelly S.
on 10/3/09 9:46 pm
If you like seafood that is your best bet for high protein, low calorie.  I have a friend who eats shrimp with a little ****tail sauce almost every day for lunch.

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Julianne F.
on 10/3/09 10:50 pm - Glendale, CA


I've been eating between 600 - 800 calories since I had my surgery. Usually my day goes like this:
                                                                             Calories         Protein
Breakfast:    Protein shake w/ff milk             220                    34
Snack:          Plain FF Yogurt w/splenda      120                    12
Lunch:          3 oz. Tuna w/light mayo            100                   18
Snack :          Turkey Jerkey                              70                     11
Dinner :         Poached Sole/cod/ tillapia      150                    30
                                   Total                                  700                 105

Obviously, this is just one day.  I always have the protein shake for breakfast, but I often have chicken salad for lunch, or shrimp or scallops for dinner (I eat a LOT of seafood).  Sometimes I fit in a no sugar added fudgsicle for desert.  Hope this helps.



  *Includes 10 lbs lost on pre-op liquid diet.

Lisa D.
on 10/3/09 11:18 pm
Wow, at 9mths out you are ONLY eating 600-800 calories a day??? Its probably why you are not losing weight. Gah, by then I was eating almost double what you are and today I eat between 1600-2200 calories a day. You metabolism has probably dropped so low it cant go any lower which is why its holding on to everything with dear life. You might wish to talk to your nutritionist on your eating.
on 10/3/09 11:22 pm
At nine months post op you may need a few more calories not less, depending on what you body has gotten use to. I would google calories needs for your height and weight and see what you need to maintain then go from there. As for exercise (dirty word) there are some you can do while sitting. Those last few pounds are so hard to shed.
Good luck,
Patricia F.
on 10/3/09 11:54 pm
Wow 600-800 seems really low for nine months out. I am eight months and eat 1100-1200 calories a day. My NUT wants us to get our nutrients from food at this point and just an occasional protein supplement when needed. I have never hit a real plateau, just a few "slow downs".  Do you have a NUT who you see regularly? We need to be able to live the rest of our lives with this new anatomy. Hope you can find a good balance and the last few pounds will let go!
Good luck and take good care, Pat
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shannon K.
on 10/4/09 8:36 am
I think the OP has been eating more than 6-800 cals per day but was wanting to break a month and ahalf long stall and is thinking of cutting cals back to the 600-800 range and looking for menus that would acheive that caloric goal.
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on 10/5/09 4:47 am - Maple Grove, MN
I aws eating 600-800 at 5 months -- and my doctor upped it to 900-1000.  Once I did that, the weight started falling off again --- if you're 9 months and only eating that much, your body is probably in starvation mode. 
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