What is the best type of protein after gastric bypass?

on 10/6/09 7:27 am

I was wondering what is the best type of protein powder to use after my surgery?  This will be a revision surgery for me, lap band to rny.  But I just realized that I didn't pay any attention to the calories, fat & sugar in my protein powder that I used with the lap band.  But I'm thinking that I need to be more aware of these things to avoid the dumping syndrome!  So, I was wondering what types of protein powder people are using, or other sources of protein.  I only eat chicken breast so once I resume a solid diet I need to really focus on my protein intake from another source.

I saw that Bariatric Advantage has some protein products as well as Celebrate.  Has anyone tried any of these products?

on 10/6/09 7:49 am
Whatever you can stomach after RNY surgery that is low in sugar and carbs!

Seriously - you won't know until you try them.

Some good ones:

Bariatric Advantage
Bariatric Fusion
BSN Lean Dessert

on 10/6/09 7:53 am - OH
In a protein poweder, you want whey or soy isolate.  That is what is best absorbed.  Whey concentrate is not absorbed as well.  Avoid those protein shots, because they contain mostly collagen protein and that is not well absorbed at all. 

I like Chike.  If you want to try them, you can get samples at www.chikenutrition.com.

You can get samples of a bunch of other protein powders at www.vitalady.com.

Pam T.
on 10/6/09 12:26 pm - Saginaw, MI
 Isolate and Concentrate are absorbed equally well.  The difference is that Isolate is a higher quality protein than Concentrate.  But not by much.  They both have a rating of 100 on the protein rating scale.  If people have lactose intolerance, they might want to avoid Concentrate since there is still some lactose (1-5g sugar) left in the mix whereas Isolate has all lactose removed. 

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on 10/6/09 8:18 am - Chantilly, VA
I couldn't stand the milky ones... still can't.  I use Syntrax Nectar... it comes in lots of fruity flavors.  My favs are Roadside Lemonade and Fuzzy Naval.  You can get samples at  ...
http://www.smartbodynutrition.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SBN&Product_Code=SYN39.  At first I mixed it with a little crystal light, but I don't need that anymore.
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on 10/6/09 8:24 am

If you are not...or do not become lactose intolerant it should have whey protein isolate.  It really doesn't taste that good.  But it is the best protein for absorption. 

on 10/6/09 9:26 am - OH
Actually, some whey isolate powders taste just fine, at least to me.  It's an individual thing, taste is, of course.  But you should be able to find one you like OK.  There are a lot of brands to choose from.

Tammy M
on 10/6/09 11:18 am - Somers, CT
Unjury is a medical grade protein (unjury.com) - it is very good - they have one that doesn't have any taste that can be added to just about any food (as long as it isn't too hot) - it is the isolate protein - that's what the nutritionist said we have to have for at least 3 months post surgery. The nutritionist also recommended bariatric advantage....

I'm going for the same surgery as you on Friday!
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Pam T.
on 10/6/09 12:28 pm - Saginaw, MI
 I have a series of posts on my blog about protein:

Understanding the different types of protein powder

Where to find protein samples

25 ways to mix a single scoop of vanilla protein powder

There's more in the series, but these are the 3 you should start with.  Just go to my blog and click on the category "Protein" to read all 7 posts. 


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(deactivated member)
on 9/4/12 7:10 pm
For your dollar, you can't beat the whey protein isolate that is sold by Muscle Feast.  It would compare very favorably to Unjury or Jay Robb, except it is all natural and does not contain any thickening agents, which tend to leave you feeling extremely bloated. You can find their products at MuscleFeast.com.

You have to be very careful with your protein sources following this surgery as you need to make sure every bit counts.  Stay away from proteins that contain whey concentrate, cellulose, and guar gum as these all tend to lower the amount of protein you get per serving.  Also, if you can get an unflavored pure whey isolate, that would be the best choice as far as the most protein per amount you consume.  The downside on an unflavored protein is that it does not taste as good as a flavored protein and this can be an issue for some people.

Also, in addition to staying away from whey concentrate, you should stay away from soy protein, especially for males as it tends to raise estrogen levels.  And do not get any products that contain maltodextrin, sodium cassenaite, or calcium cassenaite.  The latter two are really poor forms of protein and not digested well.

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