Cardiac Clearance--what can I expect to be done?

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on 10/15/09 11:57 pm - Baltimore, MD
I had to do that. They gave me a 3 hour stress test because they thought I might have a heart murmur. Basically they injected me with a drug that made my heart beat really fast and hooked me up to a bunch of machines that measured my blood pressure and other vitals for 3 hours. I also had to walk a bit (very slowly though) on a treadmill. The next day I had to come back for resting heart rate tests and some sort of body scan (I forget what it's called) that showed cross sections of my heart. I passed with flying colors! In fact, the cardiologist said that for a 300+ lb. woman my heart was in pretty decent shape. Go figure.

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Hi, Your cardiac clearance testing will depend on your age and curent health status. I was 51 when I had my LapRNY and had the usual 12 lead EKG and a nuclear stress test.

The 12 lead is nothing but having sticky tabs attached to various area of skin and then the tech runs a strip (paper printout) for a doc to read and interpret.

A nuclear stress test usually requires you to do some work though it can be done with medication that will make your heart work harder while being monitored by a cardiologist. When mine was done, a tech started an IV line on me and then did a scan (similar to a CT scan). Then I was put to work on a treadmill with the cardiologist and tech. Then another scan. This test does take a considerable amount of time but gives very good info about your heart function.

Keep asking questions and good luck.
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And it gives you a smashing headache from your heart pumping so fast...I forgot to mention that.

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I didn't have to do the medicated stress test...I just did the regular stress test where they put me on the treadmill and I had to walk gradully faster and at an incline until my heart rate was about 160 bpm, then they had me lay down fast to do the echo (ultrasound) on my heart. Prior to going on the treadmill, they did the echo to take baseline resting measurements and look at the valves etc. They also hook you up to a 12 lead to monitor the electrical activity in your heart. It really is a painless process. Good Luck!
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Russel B.
on 10/16/09 12:53 am - Ellicott City, MD
I had the usual nuclear stress test - injectable dye, treadmill, body scanner.  I had to come back within 48 hours and have more pictures done.   They detected something that they didn't like so I followed up with a cardiac catherization.  Not the most pleasant experience in the world but no pain (the biggest pain in the butt is that you have to lie still w/o moving the leg they went in on for 4 hours afterwards.)  They didn't find anything (I too had a heart much healthier than I probably deserve it to be) and they cleared me for surgery.  Just another hurdle to cross

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Thanks to all for sharing their personal experiences on this---it's very helpful to me as a pre-op!
on 10/17/09 3:24 pm
My cardiac pre-op consisted of a thorough medical history, EKG and basic exam.  The doctor also reviewed an echo and stress test I had a few years ago when I had knee surgery.  I was pretty darn healthy, in spite of hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol issues.  Guess I am a pretty fit fatty!
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