Prednisone After Bypass?

Kaitlin N.
on 10/23/09 9:00 am - Dallas, TX
My PCP prescribed a round of prednisone to try to get rid of the headaches I've been having for the past two weeks. Is it safe to take after bypass? I know there's a risk for ulcers with prednisone, but I couldn't find anything online saying bypass patients should avoid it. My PCP gave me 40 mg samples of Nexium to take with the Prednisone, and I'll only be on it for 6 days. Should that be okay?
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on 10/23/09 9:36 am
I have Lupus and have had to frequently be on rounds of prednisone in the past. Both my surgeon and my rheumatologist say no long term oral steroid use forever, but a rare short, lower dose course might be OK. It will just have to be approved on a case by case basis. There are injectible steroids that are OK after RNY and that is probably what my rheumatologist will use for me in the future. Check with your surgeon to be sure. He may want you to be on the Nexium for a while after the prednisone course is finished or he may want to look for other options than prednisone.
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Lady Lithia
on 10/23/09 11:24 am
The first time I was on steroids post RNY was ONE WEEK post RNY when I had an allergic reaction to the steristrips and was covered in head-to-toe hives! I've been on it once since then, just finishing the dose up tomorrow. I didn't know there was a risk of ulcers, and I didn't take anything to prevent ulcers during the course. I DID however feel it whenever I didnt' take it with food (one day I had a crown pop outta my head during my post-pill food) and had to spit out my food, which was one half my meal. Tummy bugged me that day. I was on a 15 day course of prednisone.

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on 10/23/09 12:33 pm - Akron, OH
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I just got out of the hospital last week, due to pericarditis (fluid around the heart), and a pleural effusion on my lungs (fluid around the lungs), after 5 days of poking and prodding they decided to put me on a 2 month course of prednisone starting with 80mg a day for 2 weeks and stepping down from there.  My surgeon did a scope to make sure my tummy could handle what was in store, he also put me on carafate liquid 3x/day and Prilosec to protect the pouch.  So far I am doing well, and follow the meds exactly as they want me to.  Hope that helps ;)
Kaitlin N.
on 10/23/09 12:51 pm - Dallas, TX
Thanks, everyone. This should just be a one-time thing. I've only ever had to take prednisone once before in my life, so it's definitely not a usual course of treatment for me.
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Carlene M.
on 10/24/09 7:10 pm - Canton, Oh
RNY on 02/10/09 with
Hi Katie,
I had to take prednisone for an upper respiratory infection. I checked with my surgeon who said to take my prevacid daily while taking the steroid then continue for two weeks after I finished it. Said this should protect the pouch but to be aware of any signs of bleeding and go immediately to ER if this occurs. Hope this helps.

Carlene M.


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