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Can we take TUMS ??

on 11/8/09 2:56 am - O'Fallon, MO
I just got out of surgery a week and a half ago and besides for having a sinus infection, my new pouch is sooo upset.  I was wondering if it was ok to take a tums to settle it down . I take prilosec otc one a day. Thanks  in advance :)">">>
(deactivated member)
on 11/8/09 6:19 am - .., WA
I have used Gas X strips and Mylanta. It helped me. I didnt try Tums. I also start mt day with a warm cup of real pepermint tea, from the health food store. That helps a lot.
on 11/8/09 6:59 am - OH
Yes, we can take Tums.  Just don't rely on them for calcium, because it's calcium carbonate and we don't absorb it well.  But if you need them for an upset stomach, it's fine.

on 11/8/09 7:00 am - Las Vegas, NV
Tums are Calcium Carbonate...we can't absorb it. We have to take the Citrate form of Calcium.






on 11/8/09 7:05 am - Danvers, MA
She isn't taking it as a calcium supplement...she's taking it for upset tummy.

on 11/8/09 7:06 am - Danvers, MA
Yes, Tums are fine to take for an upset stomach.

on 11/8/09 7:38 am - Las Vegas, NV
Thanks...Amy...and that is WHY I don't post before having my morning coffee.






on 11/8/09 7:39 am - Danvers, MA
ROFLMAO...I'm two lattes ahead of you Barb. LOL.

on 11/8/09 8:18 am - LA
I live on Rolaids the chewy kind not the hard chewy kind. I feel better in a matter of minutes. Just my 2 cents, hope you feel better!
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Mary C.
on 11/8/09 9:23 am - Canada
You can take them on occasion - no problem. But - if you  are having an ongoing problem - please ask your doc about it. Hope you feel better soon!

Lori K.
on 11/8/09 3:01 pm, edited 11/8/09 3:01 pm - Spokane, WA
It is the mucous draining into your pouch causing it to be upset.  I hope the tums help, but maybe just sipping warm tea to help soothe and flush the mucous from your pouch.  Just a thought.  I hope you feel better soon.  Also, a snius rinse, like a netti pot might help decrease the drainage down the back of your throat.
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