freaking out about A1C before surgery

on 1/11/10 5:41 am
 Ok this may be some random panic, but....

OK I was diagnosed with T2D at the end of July.  Mid august my dr put me strait on insulin, which I actually prefer as the oral meds make me pretty sick.

I've been managing the best I can, actually with little guidance from my PCP.  I have been seeing a dietician for both my T2D and WLS and have been working on that.  When my mom died I expressed to my PCP that my sugars where going crazy and she told me it was the stress and it was to be expected so i calmed down.

My numbers are still a little high and I do adjust with my insulin.  

But after this morning with her not wanting to give me the note for the exercise stuff - I'm just freaking out (for no good reason) about my medical clearance appointment on friday morning.  

What if my A1C is too high ( haven't had it checked in 5 months, she hasn't ordered it ).  I mean one of the major reasons I am having surgery is to help control my diabetes.

Has anyone ever been denied WLS because their A1C was too high??  HIghest I have been is 10.6.

I don't even know if they will test my A1C for pre-op labs.

Am I just mindless panicking?

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on 1/11/10 6:08 am - Ft Rucker, AL
I have tri-care.  I was 80lbs over weight, had diabetes (A1C high 6.9), HPB, high cholestrol. sleep apena, spina bifida, hip and knee pain.  I'm sure there is more, but I can't remember.  But because I had so many co-morbids I was ok'd for surgery.

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Denise B.
on 1/11/10 6:49 am - Binghamton, NY
If anything your higher HBA1C would be the determining factor for you to GET the surgery.

Your HBA1C WILL be lower after your surgery and WILL continue to go down.  Mine was 7.5 before surgery and 3 months after surgery was 6.9.  I also have gone from 4 shots a day to just the Humulin N at night.  And with luck that will go away in February.

No matter what anyone tells you, you are still going to be a diabetic after your surgery.  Until you sustain a HBA1C at 5.4 for a period of 2 years, then you will no longer be a diabetic. 

This surgery will get your meds reduced and eventually your numbers will be maintained through your good eating habits.

Good luck with everything.

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Joanna S.
on 1/11/10 7:28 am - Lonaconing, MD
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My A1C was 9.4 at consult.  (All time high 11.4 )  I was told I had to get it down to 7.0 - 7.2 for surgery.  I did it!   I just basically went into serious diet mode for the two months before surgery.  Very low carb, low calorie.  I don't know if he would have actually denied me surgery or not.  I guess you need to ask your surgeon what his/her policy is.  Good luck!


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on 1/11/10 8:00 am
Don't panic.  One of the reasons that qualifies you to have the surgery is having type II diabetes. RNY "cures," diabetes and makes it more manageable for others.
on 1/11/10 1:24 pm
Okay, don't panic.  But do be aware that some surgeons will require their patients to lower their A1C before operating.  My surgeon only operates if A1C is 10 or below.  The reason for that is a high A1C indicates poor control of diabetes and diabetics often have complications with wound healing due to high blood sugars.  They should check your A1C when they do your preop blood work.  They run a ton of tests  before surgery. 

Don't worry,  if your A1C is too high just do everything you can to get it down.  You can do this!  Remember, not just what you eat affects you blood sugar.  Regular exercise can help control your numbers too.  Call your surgeons office now and find out what their requirments are so there are no surprises and you can be prepared.

Good Luck!


~~Theresa Marie~~
on 1/11/10 4:09 pm - Closing in on SkinnyVille, VA
I was an insulin dependent diabetic, taking a u/500 insulin. Which means that it was highly concentrated and 5 times stronger than the ordinary insulin. I was on 4 shots a day, totaling 1000 units. My RNY was April 30, 2008 and I had my labs done 2 weeks before surgery. My A1-C was 17.9. The day I was discharged from the RNY, 4 days after, was the very last day I have ever needed anything for my diabetes. And I believe it was either my 3 or 6 month RNY check up, my blood work came back showing my A1-C was down to 6.8. While that was not in the normal range, it was more than a miracle that it had dropped so much. Still needing no meds for the diabetes at about 20 months out, I am sure my A1-C is lower.

If you have any questions, feel free to add me & message me. Good luck hun!
Theresa Marie
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