EGD after Gastric Bypass

on 1/28/10 3:45 am - Osceola, WI

Hi all...I had my gastric bypass in June of 2007.  I've been scheduled for an EGD (upper endoscopy).  Is there anything that I need to let the surgeon know before he begins the
procedure?  Any complications some have had I should watch for?

Thanks!  Pam

Hugs And Kisses Pam   

on 1/28/10 3:52 am - Wyandotte, MI
I have had 3 since my surgery all 3 were last month in December because I kept getting a stricture after surgery. Just inform him that you have the RNY. Procedure is quick, painless & you dont remember a thing!
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on 1/28/10 3:54 am

Make sure they knock you out completely...I had a Doctor that didn't and I woke up during it...So just stress that and you should be just fine...Keep us posted..

on 1/28/10 5:25 am - Denver, NC
RNY on 01/06/10 with
I woke up during my last EGD too and it was HORRIBLE!!! I'm about to have another one in the next month or 2 and I will be telling them that they need to KNOCK ME OUT!!!! Best of luck! If you don't wake up, it's actually pretty cool. Just drift off and when you wake up it's all over and you never know the difference!
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Andrea U.
on 1/28/10 5:58 am - Wilson, NC

Ask for pictures so you can see your pouch.  Pretty cool!
Don 1962
on 1/28/10 7:21 am

Several things:

1.  Make sure they know you are an RNY!  Hate to have your pouch literally torn up because they did not know.
2.  Tell them plenty of "Jack-Oh juice" but you want to wake up.
3.  Make sure they use the right scope on the right end!

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on 1/28/10 8:17 am - Osceola, WI
Thanks everyone!  Well definitely going to make sure he uses the right end and knocks me out! 
I appreciate all of your responses!  You're all great!
Hugs And Kisses Pam   

on 1/28/10 2:29 pm
if it hurts when you wake up it proably because you need to burp and get all the extra air out.

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Judi J.
on 1/28/10 8:01 pm - MN
Pam!!!! I hope you are ok, let us know!!!!
good to *see* you!!!!

xoxo, Judi