Drinking too much? Can it stretch your pouch?

on 1/27/10 10:21 am - Bear, DE
I overheard someone who was about 6-8 months out say they can chug about 5oz of water at once and maybe others could do more.  I'm not criticizing anyone I just want to know if that's ok or could it stretch your stomach out too much too soon causing weight loss to be slower or something.


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Sharyn S.
on 1/27/10 11:28 am - Bastrop, TX
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It is very, very difficult to stretch the pouch.  You would have to overeat to the point of vomiting for a long, long time.

There is no valve holding the water in the pouch.  It is an open drain.

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on 1/27/10 12:03 pm - OH
You cannot stretch your pouch with liquid.  If you drink too much too quickly, it will simply "back up" (and you may end up throwing some of it back up if you REALLY overdo it). I can easily drink 6 oz in a very short period of time.


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on 1/27/10 12:14 pm - OH
No, you cannot stretch your pouch with liquids.  Your pouch is kinda shaped like a funnel.  You don't have a pyloric valve anymore so water just goes right through.  Food doesn't go right through because the opening is small, but liquid goes right through.

on 1/27/10 8:10 pm - Bear, DE
Ohhh.  OK.  So one day I will be able to drink more than a sip at a time.  Thank God.  I'm still trying to wrap my mind around not drinking at all while eating and then I thought that it would always take an hour to drink anything.  Good to the facts.


May God bless us in all of our endeavors.  May He forgive us for our frailties and our vanities and bless us to be prosperous in health, soul, and in life.            
Lezlie S.
on 1/28/10 12:14 am - Kouts, IN
I can drink 12 oz. of liquid at a time.....seems like alot but it goes right through.  I talked to my weight loss clinic nurse about it.
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on 1/28/10 2:27 am
No, don't worry about it.

I am not going to lie, at first drinking sucked it took soooo long, but now it is no problem.  I drink a lot of water (crystal light enhanced usually)...helps keep me from eating :)

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Modest Vixen
on 1/28/10 2:54 am - Surprise, AZ
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Three weeks out and I am starting to have an easier time. If I get too big of a gulp I can feel the funnel affect. (Much like when you dump a bottle over and it suctions and bubbles before releasing lol) But I am having a much easier time now.


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on 8/31/14 2:38 pm

Hi I'm 4 weeks and drinking really gets easy. At first sip here and there frozen sugar free popsicles was my friend. Nice to get get advice from people who has had the surgery. Good luck to everyone looks like everyone's on the right path.

FastFingers ~*~
on 1/28/10 5:11 am
Not with fluids alone, no - and certainly not with 5 oz.  Your old stomach was like a sink with a stopper in it, so you could have overfilled that one until you vomited, since the stopper kept the drain closed.

But your new stomach is like a smaller sink with no stopper, so  fluids go right down the drain.  Now if you kept drinking and drinking - maybe 20 oz or more - so quickly that the drain couldn't keep up, then maybe.  MAYBE.  But you'd have to be TRYING.

It's far more likely that overeating solids could cause the pouch to stretch out.  They aren't as able to slip down the drain as easily as liquids can, so they sit in the sink longer.  So if you eat too quickly, you could over fill the sink, causing it to stretch the pouch or even overflow (vomiting).

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