Why am I burping soooo much

Angie T.
on 3/1/10 7:23 am - Somewhere, NY
RNY on 10/23/09 with
Okay, so we've had the bm talks and smelly gas so now I ask you....do you all burp like crazy after eating?

I cant believe there is even that much trapped in my pouch!
When I had the band, I couldnt burp, more like a hiccup, but this.. OMG is it normal?

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 3/1/10 7:26 am - OH
I actually only burp if I have eaten that "one bite too many"... or several bites too many, LOL... and then I burp like crazy or get hiccups.  If I don't eat too much I almost never burp.


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Bonnie ABC
on 3/1/10 7:28 am - Smiths Falls, Canada
RNY on 09/16/08 with
I still burp all the time... but it's still all worth it lol.  And I'd rather burp than fart.


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on 3/1/10 8:02 am - Columbus, GA
 I burp all the time. It varies based on what I eat, but I haven't figured if it is because I'm eating too quickly or what. 
on 3/1/10 9:05 am - Dunn, NC
RNY on 02/09/10 with
So glad you asked! I thought I was the only one. I feeling like I have swallowed a balloon sometimes I have so much trapped air!

Carlene M.
on 3/1/10 9:23 am - Canton, Oh
RNY on 02/10/09 with
If I eat one bite too much, or too quickly...I can make a frat house jealous. My grandkids think I am the funniest thing there is when I start my "burping". The three year old walks around trying to imitate the sound...he is hilarious.
Deb Breneman
on 3/1/10 9:36 am - Newburgh, IN
I don't start burping but noises come from my stomach that should like there is a wild animal caught inside of me.  It's crazy.  Like roaring sounds.  Ha.
Lorri M.
on 3/1/10 12:08 pm
I am a burping machine. It is all the air down there :).  When the food goes in the air has to come out.  Sometimes it is because I ate to fast or too much--sometimes its just because. I guess you could say I am just always full of air.
Angie T.
on 3/1/10 11:55 pm - Somewhere, NY
RNY on 10/23/09 with
Thanks everyone for your reply.

At least I know I'm not the only one, and it is somewhat normal.  I'm going to try to eat slower, and smaller bites and see if that makes a difference.

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on 3/2/10 2:23 am - Sacramento, CA
I burp while drinking vs. eating. My step kids think I am the coolest because when I burp I really let them rip! My co-workers also laugh their butts off and think its a funny "quirk" I developed after surgery.