For those who have had a HIDA scan....

on 3/7/10 12:28 pm
So I've been having fairly bad stomach pain since Valentine's weekend.  I've had a CT scan, ultrasound, HIDA scan and then yesterday a HIDA scan with CCK injection.  I don't have the results of the last HIDA scan yet, but everything else was normal.  But during the scan yesterday, after they injected the CCK, I was in severe pain.  I know that the CCK is supposed to make your gallbladder contract and that it can be painful.  But my pain started about 10 minutes after the injection.  The nuclear tech said that the pain usually comes initially, not that much later.  But the pain was absolutely unbearable.  They had to stop the scan. 
My question is, has anyone else that has had this scan experienced this?  I'm just wondering if it means that there is a problem with my gallbladder?  I'll find out the results of the scan tomorrow, but of course I'm inpatient and want to know now!!

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4 years ago, I had this scan done, when I was having alot of tummy issues (this was WAY before I ever considered WLS)  as soon as I got the injection, I got completely sick, and threw up everywhere...  and all over the tech too!  YUCK!!!  I ended up having to have my gb removed 2 days later, as it was so enlarged, and my dr told me if I waited any longer, it could of done some serious damage!  You might have a gb issue!!!

I will keep my fingures crossed for you, and update us when yuou find out your results!!!


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on 3/7/10 10:52 pm - Colorado Springs, CO
I had a HIDA scan with CCK back in 1999.  I remember it took about 10 minutes for me to get the pain as well.  Depending on what is wrong with the gallbladder, and how severe the damage is that pain can take anywhere from 1 second to 20 minutes to kick in.

The results were that I did not have gallstones, but that my gallbladder was Necrotic because of an arthritis medication i was taking at  the time. 

I had emergency surgery that same day to take it out, and have never regretted it!

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on 3/7/10 11:34 pm - Las Vegas, NV
I had severe knife stabbing chest pain 5 years ago(RNs are the WORST patients...I just KNEW it was GB and NOT cardiac). Had a HIDA scan which was negative and was discharged from hospital. 2 nights later I'm back in ER with SAME stabbing pain. The ER doc(knew me....I'm an ICU nurse) said..."Girlfriend(yes he said GF...LOL)do NOT leave with your gallbladder this time. I had surgery and NEVER experienced that tortuous pain again.






on 3/8/10 1:05 am - New Orleans, LA
 Having any pain during the HIDA/CCK is pretty indicative that you have abnormal gallbladder.

I had to suffer around 6-8 weeks in pain following my HIDA in order to get my GB removed.  I wanted my RNY surgeon to do it and he had a full schedule.  Next time, I will be a squeaky wheel.

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on 3/8/10 1:49 am - Owings Mills, MD
I never had pain with the HIDA scan or the injection.  I still had an almost dead gallbladder...

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