When did you get your energy back after surgery?

on 3/24/10 8:37 am - Webb City, MO
I'm 2 weeks post op and while I'm finally starting to feel like I'm going to survive and be human again I'm finding that I have decreased energy, I do a load of laundry and have to sit down and recover. At this point I can't even imagine going for walks outside or trying to attempt any other forms of exercise. How long before you guys found you were back to your normal energy levels? 
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on 3/24/10 8:45 am - Carver, MA
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I felt exactly like that for about 4 weeks but after the 4th week I began to feel like myself again.  I am 7 weeks out now and I 100% myself.  It just takes some time and be willing to give it to yourself.  You have just had your innards rearranged for goodness sake.  Cut yourself some slack.

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on 3/24/10 8:56 am - Ft Rucker, AL
I dunno yet.  I am 4 1/2 months out and I still have my good and bad days.  But I found out I have low iron and am working on getting it back on track.

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on 3/24/10 9:12 am
It took me about 6 weeks... Thank god I was able to not return back to wor****il after 6 weeks... But have hope... Your energy will return...
on 3/24/10 9:31 am
The first month I just wanted to sleep and sleep some more.  The second month was a little better.  At month 3 & 4 my energy was rebounding and I went to bed early (exhausted by 7 or 8 p.m.)  At month 6 I had all of my energy and then some. Hang in there!
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on 3/24/10 9:40 am
 My energy returned at about 3 weeks and as the pounds have come off it has continued to improve.  

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on 3/24/10 10:00 am
 I had RNY on 12/29/09. I am exhausted about 3 PM every day. I go to bed at 8PM..
I would say I am 70% of what I was before.

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on 3/24/10 12:28 pm - Irvine, KY
Thanks for posting this.. I've been wondering the same thing.  I am two weeks out today and I am SO tired.  For me anyway, I went to the doctor today and then shopping for a couple hours and I came home and felt like I was going to fall asleep before I could even sit down!  IM SOOO TIRED.  I know alot of it is my body healing....and alot of it is only getting 500 or so calories a day doesnt help alot with energy.  I HOPE IT GETS BETTER SOON!
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on 3/24/10 1:30 pm - Philadelphia, PA
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You are not alone.  I'm about 7 weeks out and have been back at work for about 3.5 weeks.  I still find myself getting tired really early.  And at two weeks, forget about it.  I wasn't even thinking about doing laundry.  So, I really admire you.  It will take some time, but it will gradually get better.  And as the weight comes off, I think you'll find your energy levels increasing.   I'm not 100% there, but I feel pretty close. 

Good luck.

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on 3/24/10 1:46 pm - Webb City, MO
 Thanks for all the replies, it's always nice to know I'm not alone and know that others understand.