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on 4/25/10 5:24 am - Virginia Beach, VA
Hey everyone!  I just want to hear from all the post opers as to what kinds of foods are no no foods.  The list I got from my doc is pretty small.  So besides the obvious fat/sugar, what are foods you just really need to stay away from that will make you dump/puke.  Thanks!!!
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on 4/25/10 5:41 am - Saginaw, MI
 I avoid added sugar even though I don't dump.  I don't avoid healthy fats --- but try to stay away from anything that's been deep fried (but not always). My pouch doesn't like eggs even though my mouth does. Pasta sits heavy so I approach that with extreme moderation.  I avoid simple carbs because they have little nutritional value and spike my blood sugar (white stuff like potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, flour). Otherwise... I can eat anything.

I only have one totally off limits, can not buy food --- fresh salsa. Why?  Because when I buy fresh salsa, tortilla chips mysteriously jump into my shopping cart and I have not control over them. So I don't buy salsa. If I'm at a mexican restaurant, I'll eat chips and salsa, but they can't be in the house. 

As for what will make you dump or puke. Usually refined sugar and excess saturated fat are the main culprits for people who dump.  Puking is different and is usually related to behavior rather than the food itself -- eating too fast, not chewing well enough, etc. 

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on 4/25/10 5:45 am - OH
I stay away from stuff with lots of sugar for the most part.  A few times I've eaten one cookie, because one cookie generaly does not have that much sugar (depends on what kind of cookie and how big it is, of course).  A few times I've had really fatty stuff like french fries, and sometimes that bothers my stomach and sometimes it doesn't, so I mostly just stay away from it.  Pasta I can eat in small amounts but too much makes my stomach feel bad.  I can eat anything else, I think.

on 4/25/10 6:02 am - Virginia Beach, VA
Thanks ladies.  I was told not to eat grapes, cause of the peels and sweet potatoes cause of the stringyness....What are your thoughts?
Someone once told me they'd never trust a skinny chef...I say my fat will never define my mad culinary skills!          ~Height 5'3"~
on 4/25/10 6:28 am - OH
Grapes don't bother me and I eat sweet potatoes regularly with no problem.

on 4/25/10 6:55 am - Virginia Beach, VA
Oh thats really great to know, thanks!
Someone once told me they'd never trust a skinny chef...I say my fat will never define my mad culinary skills!          ~Height 5'3"~
on 4/25/10 11:43 am
I haven't had a problem with either one, and a friend of mine who had RNY 10/08 used to eat like a pound of grapes a day with no problems (I think that was how she controlled her urge to graze).

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on 4/25/10 11:47 am - Owings Mills, MD
I eat both!
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on 4/25/10 7:34 am - Ft Rucker, AL
Like the others I can eat just about anything, but I am almost 6 months out.  But almost anything is what I have tried, I have been OK with, I haven't tried EVERYTHING yet!  LOL  I did eat some hot wings (4 joints, not whole ones)  I think I ate too fast and paid for it for well over 36 hours!!

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on 4/25/10 7:48 am - Columbia City, IN
First of all I do dump and I'm satisfied with a pretty limited food selection.

I'm still losing weight and I don't eat any white sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white rice, pasta, sweets, even 100 calorie snacks.  I also don't eat fried food - the thought of it makes me nauseated.

I try to stay under 10 gm sugar per serving, except complex carbs like milk or fruit.  Fruit is my new dessert and really satisfies my sweet tooth.

I've only tried bread a couple times and toasted seems to be OK.  I also stay away from sugar free stuff if it has alot of sugar alcohols - they make be bloated and have really rank gas.

I eat meat, but not every day - not a big meat eater.  I like protein drinks and protein mixed in greek yogurt.

I love baked sweet potatoes - good for Vit A and fiber.

Best wishes.

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