Sense of smell post op????????

on 5/6/10 8:21 am - Mandeville, LA
I am now 8 days post op and everything smells off to me. Any type of food smells nasty and makes me want to vomit. Here is an example my family ate grilled burgers last night and I sat down at the table with them and the burgers smelled the same as the cucumber and onion salad they just smells horrible and really turns my stomach. Every time I try to eat jello or broth it is the same thing just smells horrible and makes me gag and I just can't eat it. It isn't just food either it is my shampoo and soap they also have a funny smell and it is nauseating.......UGGGG has anyone else had this problem.......I am getting weak because I can't eat because of the aversion all I can tolerate is my ice water.
on 5/6/10 8:28 am - Midlothian, TX
Yes, my sense of smell has changed.  Things smell bad or off to me too.  For a week post-op I couldn't stand my own smell (and I didn't really stink at all... it was just bad to ME) and showered a lot!  The slightest bad smell will set me off and make me gag...  Foods I loved before smell like vats of spoiled grease.

Of course it doesn't seem as drastic as yours.  I can eat my regular foods without problems.  Water and everything else go down fine.
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on 5/6/10 9:36 am - Canada

I am almost 2 weeks out - and had the same problem - first night, family ate (frz.) lasagne - and had to take liquid gravol.   Now just really offensive smells get to me - like the kitty litter that my daughter had put off changing.   I am still a tad queasy, but "normal" food smells are now easier to take, for the most part.

LolliPop MO
on 5/6/10 10:21 am
Pizza smells horrible to me.  My husband eats it regularly and I have to shut myself in our bedroom to escape its smell.  He gets the same thing all the time:  pepperoni, pork sausage and extra cheese.  I wonder if it always smelled that bad?

on 5/6/10 10:50 am - long Island, NY
RNY on 03/23/10 with
Yes many things now smell horrible to me and make me sick to my stomach.  I hate the smell of food cooking like chicken/beef and cabbage.  I thought it was just me but now I see it is a lot of folks.
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Wendy R.
on 5/6/10 11:38 am - Divide, CO
RNY on 03/08/10 with
I can't stand the smell of most foods.  It's like my little tummy says, "if you put that down here, imma throw it right back up!"  About the only thing I can eat right now is Wendy's chili.  Isn't that odd??  Chili??  But, I can get it down and I get protein from it. 
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Angela J.
on 5/6/10 11:50 am
3 days post op here and I have no real sense of smell.  I will sit with the family and eat my broth while they eat whatever.  No smells have made me want to vomit yet, but if the kids are really loud in the house I get instantly sickly feeling and have to stick my mouth in a bucket just in case it comes up. 
on 5/6/10 12:14 pm
Same here...Even my water stunk! At my 6 week Dr visit, the 1st thing the nurse said was---How is your sense of smell?
I said it was intense....She said most people's were for about 3 months.
I think mine is back to normal level now.

your friend, Deb

on 8/26/13 1:55 pm

OMG!  3 months of this weird sensory deviation?  I would be ok with it if it were taking away cravings.  I would say it's best this way.  However, when I eat things I find that they taste pretty normal so far.  Mind you, I haven't tried things with ultra pungent smells like say seafood or pungent cheeses.  Only protein shakes seem to give off an ultra funky smell.  I hope I'm able to get through that.  By Christmas I'd like to smell good holiday foods.  We'll see.


on 8/27/13 10:28 pm - Mandeville, LA
It has been over 3 years since my WLS and I forget just how bad my recovery was. I can say that my heightened sense of smell did go away but it took a LONG time for that to happen. I think I have blocked a lot of that time from my memory because of how bad my recovery was. I ended up in the hospital 5 times after my WLS......., 3 years later I can finally say I am glad I did it though. Good luck to all you newbies, it does get better.